Traveling in Seasons


As you know, there are four seasons in the year. They are Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. Over time, the lifestyles of humans and animals have changed. Hence, people involved in different activities. As a result of this, people are urged to traveling to different areas. Therefore, people select different destinations all over the world.  So, I hope to present some information about the destinations that you can visit in seasons. So let’s forward with our topic. I have explained this article to you in seasonal detail because there are so many places you can visit during different seasons. Here I’m going to start my article from the Summer. I will explain to you some popular destinations in Summer.

Popular Summer Destinations

What is the hottest time of the year? You will surely answer that it is summer if I ask you. The summer lasts between June and September. There is warmer weather and longer days in Summer. My favorite time of the year is summer. If you ask me why my answer is that summer is the best time to travel around the world. I hope you will definitely agree with me. That is enough about the Summer. Let’s see the information about popular destinations in Summer. So it’s hard to decide which destinations are right for you. But this is for a perfect vacation. There are many places to travel in summers such as Florence, Rome, Paris, Edinburgh, and Grand Canyon. 


amazing Greenland ( did you know Greenland is a lot icier than Iceland. this is a picture of Iceland)

I think that visiting Greenland in the Arctic Circle will give you the best experience on your travel. It will fulfill your dream for a great holiday destination. It is the best way to get experience with scenic boat trips if you want to take travel across various icebergs. I think summer is the best season to travel because you have a long day and a short night to enjoy the travel in daylight. You have a refreshing encounter with whales, walruses, and many more sea creatures. 

The best time to visit is from June to September. You must try sledding there. You will gain awesome experiences there. 

There are places to visit in Greenland such as Nuuk, Disco Bugt, Ilulissat, and Kangerlussuaq. And there are many things to do like dog sledding, and hiking. 

Cappadocia City, Turkey

There are unique rock formations with caves, and they are ancient Islamic inscriptions. The rocks stand marvelous. This fascinating and curious city is suitable for a honeymoon, a family trip and or a solo backpacking adventure.  This is one of the beautiful and historic cities in Turkey. The balloon stuffed sky is not one and only tourist attraction here. There are numerous things we can introduce as tourist attractions. You will think to stay forever in Cappadocia if you visit once here. The hot air balloon ride is the best experience you must gain in Cappadocia. From April to May is the best period for travel in this city. There are some places to visit such as Pigeon Valley, Pasabag, and Uchisar Castle. You can visit the cave exploration, Hot air balloon ride, and hiking in Cappadocia City. 

Siem Reap, Cambodia

peaceful Cambodia

It’s a wonder you will think about how this place became one of the best holiday destinations in Summer. So this is the reason for that. Absolutely the temples of Angkor Wat are a beautiful and eye-catching place to visit in Summer. And also the city happens one of the cheapest tours in Asia. The temples are making one of the top destinations in Summer from March to June. You can wander around the unique temples, buy local food from the floating market, wander around the city on a bicycle and also visit the Angkor Night Market.

Now I’m going to tell you about holiday destinations in Spring. 

Holiday Destinations in Spring

Many people say that Summer and Winter are the fairest seasons to travel. But I suggest you also Spring is one of the best traveling seasons because of the hotels and accommodations are not too much expensive in this season. And also the weather is so good because it’s not too hot or too cold. So here are the places that you can visit in Spring.

Kyoto, Japan

Japanese philosophers path – Tokyo

Kyoto is a fantastic city to travel because there are many eye-catching things to see while traveling. Kyoto is one of the main cities in Japan. So there are beautiful shrines, temples, and multiple attractive things in every corner of the city. It’s an amazing travel destination. In April the city gets covered in cherry blossoms. The pink flowers cover inch by inch on the roads and it pretends the city as a perfect holiday destination. 

Austin, Texas 

There is the city’s biggest event of the year in all springs. Therefore, people are gathered to the city and organized amazing events for locals and tourists. SXSW is a media conference, music festival, and film festival all combined into one enormous event that spans over a week. During this event, there are beautiful parks, restaurants, and many eye-catching places to visit. Definitely, you will be amazed by the beautiful and fascinating things here. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is a cheaper area to travel in Spring. But there is a huge crowd for travel in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you travel in April, May or June in here you will miss the rainy days in the year. Also, it is one of the main attractions in Louisiana.

The US Virgin Islands

Lombard Street in San Francisco in a crooked delight

This is also one of the popular spring destinations in the world. As there are more fun and interesting things the city is more suitable for enjoying and gain fun. You can enjoy here with your family and friends. Locals and tourists have taken to the streets of St.Thomas to celebrate the carnival throughout the month and the weather is still good. 

Popular Destinations in Autumn

As I told you about the summer destinations and the spring destinations, now I’m going to tell you about popular destinations in Autumn. In autumn, the days are short. And the golden leaves of the trees are fallen down. The environment is so calm and quiet. 

Ontario, Canada


Ontario in Canada brings the dramatic scenario of the Autumn from late September to October. You can embrace the dramatic scenery of the autumn here as a fascinating and eye-catching place to travel in Autumn. There is the Algonquin Provincial Park with at about 7,725 square kilometers. In the park, there is a forest, placid lakes, and rivers. The maple trees and red oaks are standing with posing beautiful scenes. It’s an exciting opportunity to describe. 

So here is another place you can visit in Autumn. 

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji is situated about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. It is an active volcano in Japan. Mount Fuji is considered as one of the awful mountains in Japan. However, it pretends the beautiful scenes in Autumn as well as Winter. So the annual Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival celebrates the natural beauty in Autumn. During this season, the maple trees and cherry trees are covered with red color leaves. The red color leaves are an important feature of Autumn. You can spend the rest on the foot of the mountain with your family and friends. I’m sure that will be a great holiday in your life.

japan’s top destination

Next, I will explain to you the city of Lisbon in Portugal. 

Lisbon, Portugal 

It’s an advantage of traveling in off-seasons that you can enjoy nicely with a low budget. Lisbon City is one of the cities you can travel to in traveling off-seasons. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. After the Summer, tourists pack their luggage and ready to go home. So autumn is the best time to travel to Lisbon because there is not too much crowd in Autumn as Summer season. The highest temperature is at about 25°C and the sun is shining in the sky. The hotels are offering discounts.  So what else do you want to have a good holiday? You can travel around the city and there are many places to visit. You can explore the architecture and history of the city and also you can have a good holiday spending your time here. 

So now I’m going to the next season of the year. It is the coldest season of the year. Nothing else you know that is winter. 

World Famous Winter Destinations 

Here is the coldest season of the year. So where are you going to enjoy your vacation? You will say numerous places to travel in winter vacation or you will ask me what are the best places to visit in the winter. So I have to say there are numerous places to visit in winter. But among them, I’m going to explain to you the world’s best top holiday destinations in winter. I know you will definitely ask me what are them. So these are the answers to your questions. I hope you will plan your holiday perfect if you read this article. It’s not only for the winter but for all others. Here are some uncommon places you may know. 

Santa Claus Village, Finland

As you know everyone likes to have a Christmas gift from Santa Claus. Therefore, people who are celebrating Christmas always looking for Santa Claus on Christmas night. Many countries can brag that they have Santa Claus village. But the world-famous Santa Claus Village is located in Rovaniemi, Lapland in Finland. The village is in the Arctic Circle. Therefore, it is considered an awesome destination in the winter. You can visit the petting zoo or the deer farm, take real Christmas photos with 5 feet high the Moomin family members in the Moomin castle and also enjoy the Christmas salaries. 

Dracula Castle, Romania

Dracula is an awful name that everyone likes to hear about the stories with Dracula. So I hope you will prefer to know about some stories narrated have narrated with Dracula. Dracula Castle in Romania is one of the best places to visit during your winter vacation. Many people think that it should be a scary and dark place. But can be fun if you don’t care about the stories about Dracula. Castle amongst the gorgeous mountains, the Jungle Majesty, which retains its medieval spirit and nourishes the medieval spirit of the Castle and the touch of darkness, gives you a unique sense of history.

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

It’s really unusual to visit a desert in winter. But you can feel the difference very well when you visit the desert in the winter. At the beginning of March, you can see the sand covered with snow if you visit there. There is the famous thousand camels festival also at the beginning of March. You can feel the perfect match of modernity and the past if you visit the capital city. You can also learn about the history of these things. And the most important thing is you can taste numerous delicious food.  So I think that you will really like to visit such an amazing, unusual and strange place in your winter vacation. 

Now you have reached the end of the article under the topic of Traveling in Seasons. I hope you will plan your vacation perfectly with the information that I have explained to you. At last, I hope to bring more about different traveling areas all over the world. 


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