Top 10 waterfalls in America you must see in this life.


A waterfall can be defined as a cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a steep incline. Waterfalls are gushing over the rocks.

Water in the waterfalls is clean, clear, cold, pure and unpolluted. Mostly below a waterfall, a bed of rocks lies a small pool. There can be identified a variety of such waterfalls throughout the United States of America. Those waterfalls add extra beauty to nature. Most famous and most beautiful waterfalls around the country of the USA can be listed as follows.

  • Niagara falls 
  • Havasu falls
  • Yosemite falls
  • Ruby falls
  • Union falls
  • American falls
  • Multnomah falls
  • Shoshone falls 
  • McWay falls
  • Palouse falls
  • Snoqualmie falls
  • Burney falls
  • Alamere falls
  • Lower Calf Creek falls
  • Cumberland falls
  • Upper Mesa falls
  • Burgess falls
  • Vernal falls


The above-mentioned waterfalls rush and gush through the rocky mountain ranges. Many of the above-mentioned waterfalls are famous all around the world. Waterfalls are ranked according to many criteria. Waterfalls are categorised according to its country, according to its height as well as according to its width.


This article will provide you with some details about the most visited and most beautiful waterfalls in the United States of America. Those waterfalls are;

  1. Niagara falls
  2. Havasu falls
  3. Yosemite falls
  4. Ruby falls
  5. Union falls
  6. American falls
  7. Virginia falls
  8. Bridal Veil falls
  9. Vernal falls
  10. Shoshone falls

Why these waterfalls best. Let’s dive in,


  • Niagara Falls.

Niagara is one of the most glamorous waterfalls in the world. Also, Niagara Falls does not only belong to the United States. It is located on the border of two countries, namely the United States and Canada. It is precisely in the edge of Ontario, Canada and New York, United States. It is not a single falls. It is a collection of three waterfalls. This collection of three waterfalls is called Niagara Falls.

Those three waterfalls are the  American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Niagara is a cataract type waterfall. It is 167 feet in its height (51 m). The watercourse of this falls is Niagara River. Niagara Falls is essential for the country as a most visited tourist destination and as well as a source of hydroelectricity power. Tourists visit Niagara falls mostly during the summer seasons. During summer Niagara fall is attractive in both daytime and nighttime. You can visit Niagara falls not only by the American side but also by the Canadian side. Niagara Falls is a sight to visit by ever USA travellers. 


  • Havasu Falls.


Havasu Falls a fantastic place to visit. It is an eye-catching site of crystal blue. Green water lazily flows from a waterfall. This amazing waterfall is situated in Grand Canyon National Park at Arizona, United States. From Supai, it is only one and a half miles to the Havasu waterfall. Havasu Falls is 27- 30 meters in height. Havasu waterfall is majestic and powerful.  If you visit Havasu Falls during your travel in America, you should not forget to go there.


  • Yosemite Falls.


Yosemite Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in the United States. It is located in the Yosemite Valley of Yosemite National Park, California. Among the waterfalls in Yosemite National park, Yosemite falls headed the list in height. It is 2,425 feet in height.

Yosemite Falls a Tiered type waterfall. It is consists of three drops. Those are;

  1. Upper Yosemite Falls which is 1,430 feet in height.
  2. Middle Cascades which is 675 feet in height. It’s a collection of four small plunges.
  3. Lower Yosemite Falls which is 320 feet in height.

    Image is for illustration purpose only. real fall is different than this picture

Among those three sections of the Yosemite falls, Upper Yosemite Falls, and Lower Yosemite falls are the main plunges. The Lower Yosemite falls the most used viewpoint. Central cascades are lack of public access. But that area is the most beautiful area of Yosemite falls to visit. Upper Yosemite can be observed from a faraway place too. 

  4) Ruby Falls.

Ruby falls is one of the most glamorous waterfalls in the United States. This charming waterfall is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the United States. Ruby falls is 145 feet in height. The whole area brings an uplifting feeling. 

  5) Union Falls.

Image is for illustration purpose only. real fall is different than this picture

Union falls and eye-catching waterfall located in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. It a waterfall of fan type. Union falls 250 feet in its height. Union falls is not like other waterfalls; it has only one drop. The watercourse of the Union falls the Mountain Ash Creek. It added an extreme beauty to the Yellowstone National Park. Many visitors visit this place. It is not only an exciting place for local visitors but also for visitors from all around the world.

   6) American falls.

American falls is an extraordinary waterfall in the United States. It is one of the three falls which forms the Niagara falls. It is the second-largest among those three waterfalls. American falls is tall as well as a large waterfall. It is 110 feet in height and 290 feet in width. Also, it is a somewhat different kind of a waterfall because its diameter is higher than its height. It is beautiful in appearance. It is a cataract type waterfall.

And the watercourse of the American falls is also the Niagara river. 

   7) Virginia falls.

Virginia waterfalls are located in Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories in Canada. Its total height is 315 feet. It is 850 feet in width. The watercourse of Virginia falls South Nahanni River. It is a segmented type waterfall. It has only one drop. Virginia falls occupy 860th position in World Height Ranking. 

   8) Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal Veil Falls is one of the three falls, which makes the Niagara falls. It the smallest one among them. Also, it is located in the United States. It is 78 feet in height. Bridal Veil Falls is somewhat equal to the American falls in its appearance. Bridal Veil Falls is also a most visited tourist destination in America.

   9) Vernal Falls.

image is for illustration purpose only.real fall is different than this picture
Image is for illustration purpose only. real fall is different than this picture

Vernal Falls is another falls located in Yosemite Valley of Yosemite National Park, California. It is a plunge type waterfall with only one drop. Vernal falls total height is 317 feet. 

   10) Shoshone Falls.

Shoshone falls in a marvellous creation of nature. It is a block type waterfall in Jerome, Idaho in the United States. Shoshone Falls 212 feet in height with only one drop. It is a 925 feet wide waterfall. The watercourse of this waterfall is the Snake River.

The waterfalls as mentioned earlier are the main waterfalls in the continent of America. Tourists from all around the world visit those beautiful creations of mother nature. Waterfalls are the areas to connect with your inner soul and to raise your spirit because waterfalls are peaceful places to visit. 


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