Top 10 valuable gems in the world



The gems are a type of stone called as a gemstone. Not only that but also someone call gems, fine gem, jewel, precious stone and semi-precious stone. It looks like crystal. It is a mineral crystal. They are hidden in the deep of soil. But not everywhere. Gems are very transparent. After finding gems from soil have to cut and polish them until glittering. Their value is decided according to its nature of shimmering. Therefore the polish of gems is more important.

Mostly gems are used for decorating jewellery and other adornments. Gems are unique than other stone and minerals. They are also organic stones, but gems are very different than other ordinary stones. Because they are very tuff and beautiful. There is more colour. Infarct, they are used to make various pieces of jewellery with so many colours. In addition to that gems used to make antique furniture that is used by ancient aristocratic families, carvings, luxury art forms and cups. Gems maker is called as a lapidary or gem cutter. There are so many gem cutter or lapidaries in the world.  

Where can watch the gems 

There are so many places in the world that can see the gems. There are several labs which grade and provide reports on gemstones.

  • Genealogical Institute of America 
  • International geological institute 
  • Hoge raad voor Diamant 
  • American gemological society 
  • Asian institute of gemological science 
  • Swiss gemological institute

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The most valuable ten gems 

  • Tanzanite 

It is the most valuable gem in the world. This is a violet-blue. It is so fabulous stone. Also, it is very difficult to find because it is very rare and it can find in a small area in Tanzania. There are many types of stones there. After the discovery in 1967, it quickly rose in popularity, due in part to marketing efforts by Tiffany &Co. This stone is very strong and hard. According to the viewing angle, its colour may be green -Yellow or brown.

  • Burma Ruby 

It is one of the most valuable gems in the world. All Rubies are rare. But the small area in Myanmar can find the hidden Ruby gemstone. Its stranded and value depends on the colour and its quality. They are also exceptionally scarce. There are also in Thailand. Its contain lots of iron. In turn, they look dark red with brownish or purplish. The geological conditions in Myanmar generally produce rubies with very little trace iron. 

  • Jadeite

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It looks like the electric green of imperial jade. But many colours can fine. They are lavender, yellow, orange, red, blue, black and cloudless. It is a more valuable gem in the Chinese market. This stone has an extensive body of folklore. Jadeite value depends on its translucence and texture, with top quality materials appearing to be full of water, or like a drop of coloured oil. 

  • Alexandrite 

Alexandrite has a remarkable colour – changing abilities. It can find in Russia. In 1830 it was discovered. Due to the trace amounts of chromium in the crystal structure. This stone appears emerald green to peacock blue in daylight.  But Ruby red to amethyst under incandescent light. At the time, imperial Russia ‘s colour is red and green. 

  • Parsons Tourmaline 

Its colour is blue-green. It is bright. It was discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba spurred a rush of prospectors and miners into the area. However, Brazil isn’t the only source of these neon stones. 

  • Kashmir Sapphire

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it is a soft stone. The structure is blue hues characterise Kashmir sapphires. These gems contain very fine inclusions of rutile that create this soft look. The mines that once produced them high in the Himalayas ran dry in 1930 

  • Natural pearl 

Pearls are ubiquitous. But they would be nearly non-existent without the cultured pearl industry. Natural Pearls are very rare .not only that they also are becoming rarer every year. Due to overfishing, pollution and ocean acidification, naturally occurring pearls appear more frequently in antique jewellery than in our planet’s ocean. 

  • Red Beryl

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A cousin of emerald, aquamarine, and morganite, the red variety of beryl contains manganese. Which imparts a bright red hue. It is also a very rare gem. This gem can make an excellent jewellery stone. 

  • Benitoite

It is the more rare stone in the world. Gemstone from Many gemstones hidden under the Earth’s crust. It is beneath 3 to 25 miles. To the earth’s surface. Two gems, diamonds and peridot are found much deeper in the earth. Molten magma is run through the pipes that are the form of diamonds reaching the surface of the earth as lava. Some lava doesn’t reach the surface. They stuck deep in the soil. So it is cool down slowly. They became crystallise and forms coarse-grained minerals.

That is the birth of gems. The first type of rocks, igneous are also born like above. They are originated from the crystallised of cooling interlocking magma crystals grow within the intrusive igneous rock and may form gemstone depending on the elements present, cooling time and the environment. Gemstone found in igneous rock includes the quartzes, the garnets, moonstone, apatite, diamonds, spinel, tanzanite, tourmaline, topaz and zircon. Some gemstone form in like pegmatites and hydrothermal.

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How can gemstone found 

Gems mining is an industrial deed. People who are finding gems in the mining as the job using very technical tricks to success. They are heavy machinery, hydraulic shovels, and trucks. They help to mine the gems from the kimberlite pipes. Colour gemstone mining is very difficult because it is rigorous and time-consuming. The reason for that is deposit are few and when found, tend to be crystallised by small quantities of gems. Modern technology that used to mining the gems is in very high quality and its deposit are often too small to be profitable for major mine outfit.

Who leaves them to small, independent miners who rely on the same manual techniques. They have been using for decades. Nevertheless, in recent years, several major mining companies have entered the gemstone market with new strategies for employing modern mining practice. The other important fact about the gems is establishing the value of a gemstone. As with gold gemstone counterfeits or synthetic gemstone can be mistaken for the real thing. 

Image is for illustration purpose only. real gem will look different than this image

Gems are very valuable stone. But nowadays they are threatened. So we have to protect them. As a result of mining, there is earth pollution. Many people are mining soil deeper. It is big damage to the earth. so keep it on your mind. see you next time.


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