Top 10 Most expensive Alcohols in the world


Six-packs usually come pretty cheaply, but these bottles will cost you no less than six figures. High alcohols in the world for this list, we’re taking a look at bottles of liquor that only a select few can afford to drink. Alcohol is a must for modern life now. Some people drink alcohol as a Routine. And now people have been able to pay more money to but alcohol because they think that this is the way that shows their attitudes. Not only that, there are several types of alcohol. Such as whiskey, brandy, wine, beer, and so on.

10.Armand de Brignac Midas 30L

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If you want a party like Jay Z, you’re gonna need one of these giant champagne bottles. And an even bigger wad of cash. The rapper bought out mondo boon yak in 2014. Which has significantly increased demand for the brand while they’re gold-painted 30-litre bottles retail for a mere $65,000? The venue price has run all the way up to 265 thousand dollars. The champagne has been aged for roughly three decades.  There is obviously more than enough to go around. If you don’t want to go too over-the-top, a regular album on the Dublin yak champagne bottle will cost only about $300. If you think you can handle it through this 100-pound bottle. Possesses them Midas touch.

9.royal Salute Tribute  To honour

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Tribute to honour gets its name from the celebrations of Scotland. The British Isle’s oldest surviving crown jewels. You can tell from the bottle alone. This blended Scotch whiskey, which retails for up to 240000 dollars. It is fit for royalty designed by Stephen Webster of Garrard. The bottle comes complete with 413 black and white diamonds and three emblems that symbolise the Scottish crown jewels. It’s what’s on the inside that makes royal salute the stuff of legend. However, the whiskeys in question come from the Royal salute vault. And have been aged for no less than 45 years, with only 21 bottles produced initially. This is among the rarest bottles on the planet. Just one sip will leave you feeling like a king or queen.

8.1945 romanée-Conti wine 

1945 marked the end of an era for Himani conceived. This would be the last year before the historic vineyard was totally bruised. The harvest dwindling down to 2.5 hectolitres per hectare, just 600 bottles were produced from their pre-Phil Ochs Eric vines. Their 1945 vintage has been nicknamed unicorn wine. Since it’s harder to track down than a mystical creature. If you do find a bottle be prepared to fork over somewhere around half a million dollars an anonymous bidder offered, $558000 for the 750 ml bottle of Burgundy. This was reportedly the most anyone has ever paid for a bottle of wine. At the auction, another bottle was purchased for 496000 dollars. Which is the second highest wine bid ever?

7. Magellan 64-year-old in Lalique

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64 year old in Magellan is known for delivering top-tier single malt whiskey. But they outdid themselves with this elite scotch. When a bottle is made with the intent of breaking records, you can expect to pay a pretty penny more. Specifically, you can expect to pay no less than 460000 dollars. That’s what a bottle sold for at auction, making it the world’s most expensive whiskey it’s a jaw-dropping price tag. But other sources have priced a bottle at 625000 dollars.

Even without the 64-year-old whiskey. Inside the hand-cut crystal, the bottle weighs 25 pounds. If you can’t afford to buy one of the four bottles that we’re made, keep in mind that one entrepreneur paid 64000 dollars for a single shot. We guess that’s more economical.

 6.Mendis coconut brandy

This clear brandy was made from Burruss flour. And aged in hemella wood casks. For two years, a sweet as Mendis coconut brandy may be and $1,000,000. It sounds like a steep price. That is until you consider what came with the bottle. When it was first released in 2007, initially purchases included a seven-day trip to the Maldives. And a tour of the house of Mendis W M Mendis himself. I would also sign the date and number the bottle. So basically, it was more like buying a luxury vacation, and the bottle was just a fancy souvenir. Mendy’s website is no longer operating though it seems like the trip is no longer part of the package.

5.diva premium vodka

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 The bottle for this Scottish vodka is made of glass with a wand of coloured crystals running down. The centre while the container itself is. Something of a collector’s item. It’s just one of the reasons why diva vodka is reportedly priced at up to $1,000,000.Depending on your gems of choice distilling. The spirit is a three-step process to begin. It’s filtered through the ice and Nordic verge charcoal. Which doesn’t sound, especially extravagant for the third step? However, the product is filtered through sand comprised of precious and semi-precious gemstones. If you’re going to live like a diva, you might as well go all out and drink like one too.

  1. Russo-Baltique vodka

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Russel Baltique is a Russian company that started out manufacturing automobiles and aircraft.  This history is represented in the design of their vodka bottles, which takes inspiration from luxury cars priced at 1.34 million dollars. The top of every bottle is made from pure gold. And decked out with diamonds. Rosso Baltic vodka is primarily marketed to Russian billionaires. It was even prominently featured in season three of the house of cards. A bottle was stolen by a masked man from cafe 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whoever was behind the theft, we’re willing to wager that he didn’t have a million or so dollars running around. Maybe he was just thirsty.

3.Henri IV Dudognon Heritage  cognac Grade champagne

This cognac was named after King Avila cat. And it’s evident from the design of the bottle. That it was made with royalty in mind after being submerged in 24 karat gold and platinum. The bottle is encrusted with 6,500 diamonds as for the actual spirit. It was initially produced in 1776. And aged for over 100 years in oak barrels, also known as DNA of all con yak. This bottle is most definitely at the top of its class, with a price of a whopping 2 million dollars. You are hard-pressed to find a more expensive bottle of cognac.

  1. Tequila let 0.9 25 pasión Azteca

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Based on their similar bottles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. That Avila Kakadu Daniel heritage and pasión Azteca have someone in common. Fernando Altamirano, the CEO of distilling company to kill Elaine Altamirano, has been behind an assortment of ambitious spirits. But ultra-premium passion as deca Sansad is the most expensive tequila in the world with their unique bottle. Lady Amante at 3.5 million dollars. The platinum bottle, which features an engraving from Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza is decorated with 4100 shimmering diamonds. The tequila inside was made from 100% agave and aged for seven years. /


  1. billionaire vodka

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 As if the name didn’t already say at all. The motto for this vodka is it’s good to be the king honestly. If you’re a multi-billionaire 3.7million dollars is probably pocket.change for the rest of us will just have to settle for admiring billionaire vodka from afar designed by Leon Vettes. The 5-litre bottle comprised of  3000 diamonds and Swarovski crystals. It’s truly a sight to behold yet only. The wealthiest drinkers can tell you what it tastes like. Billionaire vodka is a handmade concoction derived from a secret Russian recipe. Which is said to consist of pure wheat crystal clear water and diamonds. You haven’t hit it big until you’ve ordered a bottle of this at a nightclub.

So these are the world’s most expensive alcohol. Do you have an idea for a bottle? Just try it up. Ty, he price has been mentioned. And don’t forget to comment on our website.


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