The world’s most beautiful botanical gardens


With exquisite flora, tranquil ambience and extraordinary beauty, these magnificent botanical gardens are the living, breathing heart of the cities they serve.

  1. Jardim Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In Rio, 140 hectares, Jardim Botanical Garden is home to more than 6,500 plant species. Founded by King John VI of Portugal in 1808, it was initially intended to spice up nutmeg, pepper. And cinnamon before importing it to Europe from the West Indies. It was opened to the public in 1822. And it continues to be one of the most important botanical research centres in Brazil. These gardens are famous among bird watchers. And the rare white-throated hawks are often spotted here rather than in the forest. Garden can be found in the South Zone of the country.

The district got its name as it grew around the city’s botanical gardens. Residents are generally upper-middle-class. And do not live near the favela, which is rare in the city. It is different from most neighbourhoods in Rio because of the large number of homes. Also, It is not common in the re-populated southern region. It is home to many Brazilian celebrities. And the Red Globo, the headquarters of the television network nationwide. Most of Red Globo’s studios are located in the neighbourhood.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia.

    image is for illustration purpose only. the real garden will different than this picture

The Royal Botanical Garden is a heritage-listed botanical garden. Situated on the edge of Sydney’s Upper Central Business District, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a prominent part of Sydney Harbor. The city’s opera house sits on its western entrance. It opened in 1816. And it is operated by Royal Botanic Gardens. And Domain Trust trading as the Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands. The official name of the park is the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain; Tarpeian Way; Botanical Gardens.

The park is the oldest scientific institution in Australia. The park has been home to many fruit bats and is estimated to be over 20,000 active from time to time, and in 2013 they became controversial, playing loud music. Ironically, the bats moved to the native Bushland, north of the city. To make way for a road is reserved for destruction. Construction of the road for environmental assessment of the welfare of bats has been delayed. So would you like to let you know about another garden also???

Next, I will explain about the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in England.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England.

    image is for illustration purpose only. the real garden will different than this picture

The Royal Botanic Garden near the Thames in Kew is one of the largest collections of plants in the world. Founded in 1840, it has more than 30,000 varieties and is one of the largest herbaria in the world, with a library of more than 750,000 volumes, including the invaluable flora of the famous botanical ists such as Joseph Banks. The park also includes a water lily house, a gentle house, a palm house and a conservatory, and one of three botanical gardens listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bonsai collection is in a greenhouse nearby the Jodrell laboratory. The carnivorous plant collection place in the Prince of Wales conservatory. There are so many different places that the plants located in.

The official name of the garden is Royal Botanics, Kew. The Kew Library, Art and Archive is one of the largest botanical collections in the world and contains more than half a million books, botanical illustrations, photographs, articles and manuscripts, periodicals and maps. The Archives, Illustrations, Rare Books Collection, Main Library, and Economic Botanical Library are housed in the Herbarium Building. Separate Jodrell and Mycology Libraries are available in the Jodrell Laboratory. I have selected the fourth one from the USA.

  1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City, USA.

    image is for illustration purpose only. the real garden will different than this picture

The 52-acre park was opened in 1910 and attracted over 900,000 visitors every year. There are over 200 cherry trees, including 42 varieties and cultivated varieties, making it one of the best places to experience the cherry blossoms outside Japan. The Steinhardt Conservatory has an extensive collection of indoor plants in three climate control pavilions. They are one for tropical, temperate and desert plants. There is also an art gallery and a children’s park, the oldest continuously operated children’s playground in the world.

Cranford Rose Garden, Cherry Trees, Native Flora Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Water Garden, Children’s Garden and there are several gardens as different sections of the main one. BBG had published books since 1945 when it launched its famous home gardening manual. Today, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Guide to a Green Planet contains information on garden design, sustainability, and indigenous plants. The BBG website includes information on events, classes, and its parks and collections. It also publishes a garden news blog and practical gardening tips. New features are added every week. BBG’s Historical Photos and Lamp Slide Collection is also available online. 

I hope this information is more valuable for you if you are willing to travel places which   I mentioned here. 

  1. Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado, USA.  

Also, the 5th place I’m going to tell you is from America.

Denver Botanical Garden boasts not only the largest collection of plants in North America’s cold temperate climate but also a sunken amphitheatre that hosts concerts in the summer. So after checking out the alpine wildflower garden, you can go out with Melissa Etheridge, or get your ring with Chaka Khan. The 23-acre gardens are located in the old Prospect Hill Cemetery. Most of the bodies were removed in 1893, some of the wildlife, notorious pirates from the Wild West, including four graves discovered during the restoration of the garden’s irrigation and sprinkler systems since 2010. The garden was created in 1951.

Denver Botanic Gardens is home to the largest collection of flora and fauna in Colorado and neighbouring states. 

The world’s first Xeriscape demonstration park was created in the park in 1986, and its name was changed to Dryland Mesa two years later. It is based on Xeriscape’s “7 Principles” and includes drought-tolerant plants from the arid West and Mediterranean. Denver Botanical Garden is the first conservatory in the United States, made entirely of concrete and plexiglass windows. In 1973, the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory had a special place.

  1. Singapore Botanic Garden, Singapore.

    image is for illustration purpose only. the real garden will different than this picture

The Singapore Botanic Garden has been sitting on the busy Orchid Road for over 158 years and is the only tropical garden listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a mecca for orchid lovers. More than 20,000 examples of this delicate flower are found around the ground.

The 183-acre botanical garden has a children’s garden, an evolutionary garden, a ginger garden, a rainforest, and an army of wild monkeys. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

The park is bordered by Holland Road and Napier Road to the south, Clooney Road to the east, Pearsall Mawatha and Clooney Park Road to the west and Bukit Timah Road to the north. The linear distance between the northern and southern extremities is about 2.5 km (1.6 mi). Although the park has a number of entrances, the Tanglin Gate facing the Dutch Road to the south is the Great Gateway. And there are so many things to explain to you, such as about the history of the garden — also one by one attraction in the garden and more others. I hope to present details to you about another two gardens now. 

  1. Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada.

    image is for illustration purpose only. the real garden will different than this picture

The Jardin Botanic De Montreal was founded in 1931 and remained a popular downtown area. It includes a Chinese garden with a collection of bonsai and a penguin, a Japanese garden full of Japanese plants and a First Nations garden with only Canadian flora. The park is also known for its vibrant art installations. 2018 sees a pathway from animal shelters, all of which are built to human scale.

Visitors are encouraged to experience how Quebec is home to mammals, birds, and insects. Also, there are the First Nations Garden and the Alpine Garden. The Nations Garden presents the cultures of the indigenous population of Canada. Species native to Quebec and other North American regions are kept in the garden; The maple, birch and pine trees provide shade to its paths, while the garden focuses on First Nations and plants and food plants. Several totem poles and exhibits are depicting traditional art and construction techniques. The Alpine Park has several paths that cross a rocky area covered with delicate alpine flora. I’m sure you will be amazed by seeing the natural beauty of the park.

When considering the history of the sport, at the 1976 Summer Olympics, it held the 20-kilometre walk of athletics and the modern pentathlon.

And this is the last one I’m going to describe to you. 

  1. Nongnooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Thailand.

    Image is for illustration purpose only. the real garden will different than this picture

Nongnooch Botanic Garden, set in the 500-acre Roll Mountains and Valleys behind Pattaya, is a concept of Ms.Nongnuch and has been inspired by the beauty of world-renowned gardens to transform her orchard into a tropical garden of ornamental flowers and herbs. Opened to the public in 1980, it quickly became one of the region’s most popular attractions. The gardens are a blend of Thai architecture and European style gardens. There is a French garden and a European garden as well as tropical treats such as a flower valley, an orchid garden, and an anthill. The dinosaur valley contains life-size replicas of the ovaries, styrocosaurs, and sirolophosaurus, and is a recent addition to the park’s attractions. There is a division of gardens in the main garden. French Garden, European Garden, Stonehenge Garden, Ant Tower, and Butterfly Hill are some of the parts of the division.

In addition to exploring wildlife, tourists experience religious festivals, martial arts demonstrations, massages, and elephant shows. In 2019, a controversy over the botanical garden came to light when a traveller uploaded a picture suggesting mistreating elephants.

There are also two restaurants, a small zoo and a hotel with a swimming pool and Thai style rentals on the grounds.

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