The south Asian traditional cuisine


 There are eight countries in South Asia, including the Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan. They are Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Bhutan. Those countries are very similar to culture, food, clothes, and religion, etc. They are like cousins. But their similarities are very different than other continents. According to the south Asian cuisine, they normally use hot peppers, black pepper, cloves, and other healthy spices along with the butter ghee. It has a vast variety. Commonly meats include lamb, goat, and chicken.  Beef is not typical in India and Sri Lanka. Because of Hindu. They have faith that is prohibited from eating meat. They offer cows as their god. As their main meal mostly eats rice and chapati made from wheat, barley, and beans.   

Sri Lankan cuisine

      Sri Lankan cuisine depends on history, culture, and other facts. They are similar to India and different southeast Asian cuisines. Mainly Sri Lankan eat rice as a main meal with coconut and spices.  Ancient times Sri Lanka has exported Sri Lankan spices to other western countries. 

Main Sri Lankan dishes 

  • Rice and curry – the Sri Lankans eat boiled or steamed rice mainly with curry.  Fish, chicken, and mutton use as their curry, and also they eat lots of vegetables with rice and accompanied by coconut sambal that is made from grated coconut, chilli, Maldives fish, and a little bit of lime juice.


  • Milk rice (Kiri bath) – Milk rice is made from steam or boils rice with coconut milk. It is suitable for breakfast time. Also, it is prepared for special occasions like birthdays, get together and parties. It is mostly eaten with lunu miris that is a symbol that is made from red onion, chilli, Maldives fish, and lime juice. Some times like New Year, they eat milk rice with sweet. It is also tasty.


  •  Kottu –  It is a really spicy meal. It is made of roti and vegetables. Egg, meat, and cheese are optional ingredients. It was invented in Batticaloa. It is Chopped roti with some meat or eggs.
  • Hoppers –  It is made from fermented butter, rice flour, coconut milk, and spices. It has pan-fried shape. As for, they use palm toddy and yeast. There are different types of hoppers. They are milk hoppers, sweet hoppers, and spicy hoppers. It usually is served with lunu miris.


  • String hoppers – It is made with wheat flour and rice flour. Mostly rice flour is used. It is suitable for dinner and breakfast. It is delicious when eaten with curries and symbols.


  • Lamprais – It is rapped from banana leaf. It is made of meat. It is a baked meal. It’s prepared for special occasions like Sinhala and Hindu New Year.


  • Kool-It is a portion of sea food. It is mostly eaten in Jaffna. It is included crab, fish, cuttlefish, prawns, and crayfish.


  • Pittu – it is looking like a cylinder shape. It is made by streaming. Also, it is perfect for dinner and breakfast. It is a mixture of grated coconut.


  • Rotti – Gotham roti is mostly used by Sri Lankan in dinner and breakfast time it in so delicious. There are different types of Rotties like pol roti that is made of coconut and wheat flour.

Main Sri Lankan sweet 

  •      Konda kavum – it is also called as oil cake. There are many varieties of kawem. They are Moong kawem, Naran kawem, athiraha, and handi kawem. Moong kawem is made from moong beans. It’s looked like a diamond shape. 
  • Always – it is also a diamond shape. It is prepared with rice flour and sugar. 
  • Bibikkan -it is sweet and looks like a cake. It is made of grated coconut, coconut treacle, and wheat flour. 
  • Kokis – it is savory, crispy biscuits. It is included rice flour and coconut milk. 
  • Udu walalu – its taste sweet. It is prepared with udu beans and kithul treacle. 
  • Aggala -it is a ball shape sweet. 


Indian cuisine 

There are different kinds of cooking in India. It is a very different religion to religion. Mostly Indians love to eat spicy taste.  India is divided into four states. They are North India, South India, East India, Northeast India and West India. There are so many cuisines. 

     Indian dishes

  1. Aloo gobi – it is made of cauliflower, potatoes,gram,  turmeric, sometimes kalonji, and curry leaves. 
  2. The Aloo Tikki – mostly use to prepare patties of potatoes mixed with some vegetables. 
  3. Aloo Matar –  made of potatoes and methi leaves. 
  4. Pork bharta – use boiled pork, onion, chili, ginger, and garlic to make pork bharta dish. 
  5. Chahou kheer – purple rice and porridge Manipur are used mostly. 
  6.  Zunka or pitla – it is a dish. It is made of besan,  minced, onion, green chili, and coriander. Normally eat with chapati. 
  7. Kolim jwala – tasty dish. Eat with chapati or Bukhari. 
  8. Avail- it is curd and vegetable mixture. Really spicy. 
  9. Biriyani – it is spicy rice with vegetables. According to taste,  chicken, fish, and prawn can use. 


      Indian sweets

  •       Petha –  use to prepare firm white pumpkin, sugar, lime, and alum powder 
  • Balushahi – maida flour, yogurt,  oil, and sugar are customarily used. 
  • Ladda – gram flour,  ghee, and sugar mixture. 
  • Boond – it a tasty sweet is made from gram flour, ghee, and sugar. 

Pakistan cuisines 

       Pakistan dishes

  • Seeji – it is a famous dish.  It is made with children and lamb. 
  • Haleem and Hareesa –  there are so many ingredients like lentils rice, meat, and maze 
  • Halwa puri -it is a breakfast meal is used to make sugar,  pur, and gram flour 
  • Kebabs – it is commonly eaten at dinner. There are lots of kebabs. They are tikka kebabs, shami kebabs, and seekh kebabs. 
  • Lassi- it is a yogurt drink.  
  • Raita 
  • Chicken korani 

 Afghanistan cuisines 

  Afghanistan dishes and sweet 

  • Naan- it is made of wheat flour. 
  • Moi- challow is served mainly with qormas. 
  • Palaw – it is a mixture of meat and qorma and herbs. 
  • Kabali palaw – it is the national meal of Afghanistan. It is rich in carrot and meats. 
  • Yakhni pulao – meat dish. 
  • Zamarod pulao – spinach  korma 
  • Bore palaw – it is a bowl of yellow rice. 
  • Alou balou palaw – it is a sweet rice dish.

Nepal cuisine

   Nepal dishes 

  • Momo- it is mostly streamed or fried. Regularly use to cook chili sauce, vegetables, and meat. It is eaten with snacks. 
  • Pulao – ingredients are rice, turmeric, cumin, yogurt. 
  • Dal Bhat – it is a length soup with rice and vegetables. 
  • See roti – it is a sweet dish. It’s like a piece of bread it’s very soft and puffy. 
  • Thakpa – it is a thick soup-like noodles .its very spicy.

   Bangladesh cuisines 

        Bangladesh dishes 

  •   Pitha – it’s a rice cake is made for sweet and savoury taste with sugar,  date palm, and jaggery 
  • Bortha –  vegetables and fish mixture. 
  • Biriyani -it is rice and a very famous dish. Including vegetables, meat, and chicken. 
  • Phuchka – Pani puri is also called. It’s a snack. Vegetables and potatoes are used. 
  • Samosa
  • Bangladesh bread  

   Bhutan cuisines 

    Bhutan dishes 

  •     Ema datshi – it is mostly used cheese, chilli, and garlic. It is really spicy. 
  • Red rice – it is the staple food of Bhutan. Red rice, mushrooms, and cheese are used 
  • Jasha Maroo or maru – it a spicy chicken stew or curry. 
  • Paksha paa – it is a pork meal with Chili,  Red dry chilli, and ginger. 

Maldivian cuisines

     Maldivian dishes 

  •   Tuna – they eat mostly. There are so many types of tuna dishes. 
  • Paroth 
  • Masrashi
  • Malika 
  • Bashi 
  • Tora 
  • Chuchanda 



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