The best and cheap smartwatches 2019


 Do you know that a watch is an essential device in our day to day life? Now I know that you can argue with me that you can watch on your mobile phone too. But I can say that it is not very easy as watching your hand. You have to spend more time to see the time on your mobile phone. But it is easy if you know the time from your wristwatch. 

 From the above, I told can use it to see the time. But there are some more watches that can perform various tasks more than watching time. Some of them are like calling and messaging. You know that they are called as smartwatches. There are certain factors that you will see when you are buying a watch for you. Among those factors, the first one is the quality of the clock and the active time period of the watch. Then secondly, you are checking the price, yes. Those are the most considering factor. 

    Therefore I decided to tell you about the watches with good quality as well as that you can buy at a low price. Now we will see them. What are those??? Then see the following. Today I am going to talk about five watches. The list is given below. 

  • Samsung galaxy watch 2
  • 3 Fossil sport watch
  • Ticwatch E2
  • Tic watch pro
  • Fitbit Versa 2

Now we will see them one by one from below. Shall we start now??? 

  Our first topic is, 

Samsung galaxy watch 2

   We will see the new features of this watch, and we will check the comfortability of the clock. 

   This is started at a price of $229. This watch designed highly ended. It functioned with iOS. Therefore this is compatible with both android and iOS. The battery life is long-lasting when considering the other observations. It has a battery life of about two days. This can be charged wirelessly. 

   In this watch, wifi and Bluetooth are available. In other than that this is a watch with lightweight too. And slim when considering the other observations. Therefore it is comfortable to watch. There are new versions like rotating digital bezel and LTE versions. This watch has a Dual-core 1.15 GHz.  Even this has a display about 1.2 inch 360×360 display. This is a watch that suits you more and gains beauty to your hand also. 

  Even this is a device that helps us to control the fitness of our body. Through that watch, you can measure the heart rate, calories that get burnet during the exercises. There is an ECG sensor, health app with sleep, and sleep monitoring. 

  This above is about the Samsung galaxy watch 2. I think now you have realized the features of the new watch. Then we can focus on our next topic. 

It is, 

Fossil sport watch

    I think this watch helps to gain a totally comfortable lifestyle by adjusting that according to your interest. Now we will see the details. 

   The price of this watch is starting at the cost of $149. This is compatible with both android and iOS too. There is a 4GB storage. There are 22mm straps in this watch. This is supporting WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS services also. There is a two-day long-lasting battery included here. The charging method is proprietary. There is a quad-core 1.2GHz processor. 

   I told the above GPS service is available in this watch, but sometimes it can be slow. There is a high-end feature lacking. This is a kind of great watch. You can wear this watch very comfortably because this is lightweight too. This watch has a display of about 1.2 inches 390×390 AMOLED. 

  In other than that, this watch includes Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. This is the latest update of Qualcomm. Actually, I think this is a suitable watch that you can buy and wear comfortably. 

  Then we have finished the Fossil sports watch in the above paragraph. I think you have decided it is that good or bad. Now shall. We move to our next topic. It is, 

Ticwatch E2

   I think this is a watch that you can wear as a fashion too. Now we will see about that. 

   This is compatible with Android 4.3 + and IOS 8+ both. There is a battery that remains for 48 hours. That means two days. This smartwatch can be charged via a magnetic connecting pin. Here, Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi connection are available. This smartwatch has a display of about 1.39 inches 400×400 OLED. The price is starting at $159.99.

  Therefore you can buy this at a low price. The other important feature of this smartwatch is waterproof. This is a watch that made for resistance to the water. Another service that is provided by this watch is the GPS service. In other than that this watch helps you to maintain your body healthy. There is a heart rate sensor and a sleep tracking system. There is another watch that 

Is looking similar to this watch. That is called as Ticwatch S2. 

  You can see there are many engaging in this smartwatch. You can make the decision if you want to buy this watch. Now we can move to our next topic. It is, 

Tic watch pro

  Is there any idea about this watch? Would you like to be aware of that watch? Then see below. 

   This is a watch that is compatible with both android and iOS 8+. $289 is the starting price of this watch. This display of the smartwatch is 1.4 inches 400×400 OLED. Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 is the processor of this watch. There is 4GB storage within this. The battery remains for 48 hours, but it can be kept even up to five days. There is a magnetic connectivity pin for recharging. WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, and NFC are available here. 

   This is very significant in the display and the design. This shows a unique dual-screen feature. There are two displays in this watch. As well as that there is a transparent LCD. But there are limited apps and no LTE connection. You can operate this watch with an android phone or with an iPhone. When the battery of this watch running slow the time and limited, some other features are available here. The low power mode can exist for up to 30 days. As the above watches, you can use this as a record of your health. 

  Then we have finished about the Tic watch pro now. Is this really suits you? Think that. Soon we will focus our attention on the next topic. That is the final one for this day. 

It is, 

Fitbit Versa 2 

  I think this is a watch that helps us a lot today to day life. We will see if it is correct now. 

   This is compatible with Android 7+ and IOS 11+ both. There is a 2.5GB storage within it. The battery long lasts up to five days. You can charge this smartwatch through a magnetic connecting pin. There is a display 300×300 AMOLED. WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC are available on this watch. The price of this watch starting at $129.95. 

    You can remain more time than you spend to watch the time on the watch because there is always on display. But the GPS service is lacking. This is slim and makes comfortable the user. As in the above observations, some features help you to maintain body health. 

  We have finished the description of the last item too. Now I think you have decided on the best watch to buy and wear. As well as that, I think you have decided that when considering the price of the clock and the quality of the clock too. 



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