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There are 18,000 Islands and 300 languages spoken the largest archipelago in the world. It’s a big island country offering endless adventures. In there 18,000 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited. Also, this largest Southeast Asian country is no short of breathtaking sights inspiring diversity and deeply rooted histories. Also, the Indonesian currency is so cheap. If you exchange 1000 united states of America dollars, you will get 13985000 Indonesian Rupiah.



The Indonesian archipelago spreads over 5,200 kilometers between the Asian mainland and Australia.all of it within the tropics and comprises 18 thousand islands. Indonesia has something different to appear everyone from the crisp white sands and raucous volcanoes of Bali to the vibrant capital city of Jakarta. To the unchanged lands of Sumatra, you can always find something numerous here. This island nation has some of the most extensive remaining tracts of tropical forests. Anywhere in the world and is home to various beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spots. As well as a summary of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia’s colossal capital, is a large bustling city with a population of over 10 million sites on the northwest coast of the island of Java, historic mix of cultures, Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European has influenced its architecture language and cuisine.

Kota Tua

The Old Town Kota Tua is home to Dutch colonial buildings. Blood out Jakarta’s Chinatown and the old port of cyndaquil Appa for traditional wooden shooters. Also, Dock central median Merdeka square is the site of the National Monument, or Mona’s a marble obelisk with an observation deck. As well as the National Museum traces Indonesian history through archipelago, relics, statues, ceramic, and jewelry. The city has numerous, modern malls and Specialist shopping areas. Such as the,

  • antique market
  • Japan market
  • Surabaya 
  • offshore
  • Thousand Islands 

Few with beach resorts, some deserted all part of an oceanic National Park. Although the city is known for its heavy traffic and high levels of pollution, it is filled with exciting nightlife and vibrant shopping areas.


Asian beauty

Lombok is an Indonesian island, east of Bali and west of San is  a part of the lesser Sunda’s known for beaches, surfing spots, particularly Acuto and Bango Bango in south Lombok.

 Gili Meno 

Gili Meno, a flan box west coast, offers more beaches briefs for diving and snorkeling and a sea turtle hatchery to the west sing Giggy. It’s a popular beach resort in the Gateway.

Public places

the provincial capital home to craft shops and historical museum, museum Negri is in the central highlands are gunning Rinjani National Park in Mount Rinjani, an active volcano topped by a crater lake that’s a tracking and pilgrimage destination.

And the northern Lombok features jungles, waterfalls, and traditional sac villages. Lombok is often compared to its closest neighbor Bali. The island has the same kind of beautiful beaches and volcanic sceneries with less commercialism and fewer crowds. They are making it one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

fan dung

Asian culture

The capital of Indonesia’s west java province is a large city set amid volcanoes and tea plantations.this city Is known for its colonial, Art Deco, and architecture.


Surabaya is a port city on the Indonesian island of Java, a vibrant, sprawling metropolis. It combinations modern skyscrapers with canals and buildings from its Dutch colonial. In the past, it had a thriving Chinatown and an Arab quarter whose sufficient mosque dates to the 15th century. Also, Surabaya is nearly bound to the birth of the Indonesian country as it was here that the battle for independence started.

Bromo Tengger Sameera National Park 

It is a lunar-like landscape of epic proportions and surreal beauty. The volcanic Bromo region is one of Indonesia’s most breathtaking sights. The Bromo Tengger Sameera National Park is best known for its impressive scenery of a vast ancient volcanic crater and a host of picturesque volcanoes.

That has emerged from it. The park is named after two mountains. Mount Sameera, mount from, and the Tanger. People who inhabit the area Samira is the highest mountain in Java. As well as one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes. The Bromo Tengger samara national park covers a massive area of 800 square kilometers in the center of east java.

lake Toba

Lake Toba is one of the remarkable natural wonders of the world. This enormous crater lake has an island. Almost the size of Singapore in its center at over 1145 square kilometers. The lake Toba is more like an ocean formed by a gigantic volcano eruption some 70,000 years ago. It’s probably the largest resurgent caldera on the earth.


Towbar is a beautiful place to come and sit back, relax, and absorb some beautiful pristine scenery. The lake sits are 900 meters above sea level. There is a colder climate here. It is making a refreshing break from the heat humidity and pollution of the city Joao Jakarta. If Jakarta’s financial and industrial powerhouse, Jakarta, is its sole.

Central to the island’s artistic and intellectual heritage, Yoshikawa is where the Japanese language is at its purest the Arts at their brightest and its traditions at their most visible Yoshi Carta often called joke shop. Also, It is a city on the Indonesian island of Java known for its traditional arts. And it is a cultural heritage suite. Its ornate 18th-century royal complex or Kraton encompasses. Also, that is a still inhabited Sultan’s palace. This place shows Jakarta together with its twin city, Surakarta solo is the cradle of civilization on Java in this city. It was a seat of power that produced the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan in the eighth and ninth centuries in the new powerful Mataram kingdom of the 16th and 17th centuries.


Asian fruits

So these are the wonder of Indonesia. Also, you can travel to this country simply because it is a free state for humans. And its history was a grateful thing that we can get many ideas. Do you think there are no shopping malls, buses, transport here? No. Indonesia is an upcoming developing country so that they have all those facilities?

After you read this article also, you can decide that Indonesia is the best place to visit for the winter vacation in this Christmas season. Therefore, don’t forget to comment on our page also. You can find travel guides in the USA, Greece, Sri Lanka, and too Full of Asia. Stay with us forever. Thank you for reading.


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