How to achieve Healthy and Fitness body


According to the world health society,  full health is physical, mental, social and spiritual well being not just free from disease and disabilities. We can’t say to someone who is not just diseases and disabilities as a healthy person. Learning about physical education is very good for increasing physical, mental, social and spiritual well being. Not only that but also it may increase our effectiveness and health of our body system and being group sport is good for mental and social fitness.  There are many factors for full health. 

  • Social and economic surrounding 
  • Behaviours of person 
  • Physical environment 
  • Health services 
  • Genetic combination

    healthy foods

Social and economic surrounding 

  1.  Increasing good economic level 
  2. Increasing education 
  3. Decreasing alcohol and drugs 
  4. Increasing interpersonal affairs 
  5. Free from depression 

Behaviours of a person 

  1. Good cuisine behaviours 
  2. Relaxing and sleep 
  3. Being exercises 
  4. Stopping uses of alcohol and drugs 

Physical environment 

  1. Good weather 
  2. Clearwater 
  3. Clear air
  4. Planned urbanisation 
  5. Management of garbage 

Health services 

  1. Good hospitals 
  2. Experienced doctors and nurses 
  3. PHI 

Genetic combination 

  1. Minimising the  Genes that are reasons for diseases 
  2. Prohibiting cousin marriages 

 Good behaviors for being good health and fitness 

 Our behaviours are mostly affected by health. So we have to behave well. For that, we can follow those facts. They are correct cuisine behaviours, good exercise, being good body measure index, essential relaxing, simple lifestyle, management of mental tension, stopping the use of alcohol and drugs and rules and regulations. 

  • Correct cuisine behaviours

    healthy foods

for full health, essential nutrients are very important. Therefore we have to add nutrients to the concert quantity for our meal. There are five main nutrients that are essential for good health. They are carbohydrates, protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals. If we haven’t above nutrients incorrect quantity.

We absolutely fail in physical, mental, social and spiritual well being not only that it’s the best path for bad diseases. Because it helps to decrease our immunity system, there are two types of nutrients. They are big nutrients and micronutrients.  Big nutrients mean essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, lipids. They need our body mostly. Micronutrients are needed. Lastly. They are vitamins and minerals. If there aren’t many big nutrients, we may have malnutrition. There are two types of malnutrition. Undernutrition and overnutrition are them. 

Undernutrition is the main health problem in developing countries. Because of undernutrition is lack of big nutrients to the body. Any age stage may be a part of it. But many children have it, unfortunately. As undernutrition, there are two conditions. they are stunting and wasting. Lack of nutrients in meal as long time and lack of consuming food are the other reasons for undernutrition — lack of affectability, lack of physical growth and energy of memory. And the weakness of education, decrease lifetime are the consequences of undernutrition. Overnutrition is also the main problem.

Because it is overtaking big nutrients to the body. Overweight and obesity are the two conditions of overnutrition.  There are lots of side effects of overnutrition. Diabetes, heart attack, stroke and hypertension are the consequences of it. Micronutrient deficiency is also a big problem. Micronutrients are essential to the body. There are five types. Iron deficiency, iodine deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, calcium deficiency and zinc deficiency are them. 

  • good exercise 

Adults minimally 30 min and children minimally 60 min have to exercise for keeping the mental and physical well being and free from diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Walking fast, running, cycling and swimming are the best exercises for our health. Going to the gym is also good. Not only for younger, everyone has to keep an effective lifestyle in every age limits. 

  • Being a good body measure index

    good exercise 

Body measure index = body weight 

(BMI)                             height ×height 

The range of body measure index is change according to gender. The range of the body measure index of an adult is change according to age and gender. The best body measure index is 18.5 – 22.9 kg/ m2 due to the world health society. Overweight and obesity are caused to diabetes, cancer, heart attack,  hypertension and stroke. So people who are suffering from the above diseases should maintain their food habits and their activities. 

  •    Essential relaxing 

After hard work full of day sleep is an important thing .sleep helps to give relax. Not only that, but also it maintains our body parts. Besides, it helps to keep experiences and memories well. Adults need 8 hours of sleep per day. Children need 8- 10 hours of sleep per day. Skipping sleep is not good for our health. It may be caused to decrease in the energy of memory, tired and lazy. 

  • Simple lifestyle

a simple lifestyle is an essential thing .it is also happy about things that we have. If someone can minimise unnecessary things. They can live a simple life .this is a concept of Mahatma Gandhi. 

  • Management of mental illness 

mental illness is a response that is reacted to some adventures. It is stranger people to people. Some people have exam stress, and some people haven’t exam stress. Some tension is helped to win the adventure well. Someone has mental illness since a long time is not good for health. Recognising the reasons for mental illness is the best way to remove it from our body. 

  • Stopping uses of alcohol and drugs 

consuming alcohol and drugs is caused by our mental and physical well being. It is also affected by the economic and social well being. Low-income people water 50% of their income for alcohol and drugs according to the research. In present time mostly younger tend to alcohol and drugs. Because of its attraction. The companies of alcohol and drugs are shown attractive advertisement such as movies and special sports tournament to catch up with the youngsters.

But it is prohibited for Sri Lanka. Not only that same age group is also a reason to tend drugs and alcohol. There are lots of things to stop alcohol and drugs. Increasing the prices of alcohol and cigarettes, limiting the agencies and broadcasting, imposing laws to decrease are them. 

  • Rules and regulations 

rules and regulations are very important to everyone. Especially the same age group tend to break the rules. Some people don’t use seat belts during the vehicle. It is a very dangerous .so the government should have to impose the strike rules to stop that. Some are don’t use helmets on the bicycle. What they accident it may be the reason to die. Drive fast is another offence of doing people deliberately. It is mostly caused by many accidents. Smoking among people is very much worse. It is affected to smoker around people.


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