Hidden facts about Mrs. World 2020



 Mrs. World is a beauty pageant is created for a married woman all over the world. In the beginning, 80 countries participated in this event. Nowadays it decreases to 52. It is the largest beauty pageant in the world that is separated for married women, and also it is the first beauty pageant of married women.  Being the winner of Mrs world is a dream of every married woman in these countries. Because of the success of this event. Many beauties tend to this event after a few months of their marriage. 


          Mrs world 2020 was held this year on the 7th of December in Las Vegas, USA.  Lots of beautiful ladies have participated in that beauty pageant. It was a very fabulous moment for them. Out of the world’s best married beauties,  Caroline Juri was won the crown being happy to her country and former Mrs. World 2018, Mrs. Hong Kong crowns her in front of the massive audience with the loud clapping. She really surprised to hear her name by the announcer. After a few mini pageants, I finally selected 20 countries. They are Wales, Siberia, Japan, Russia, Virgin Islands, Denmark, Ukraine, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Switzerland, Cherokee nation, Peru, America, New England, Costa Rica, South Africa, Guam, and India. Among them, finally, in the grand finale, Mrs. Sri Lanka,  Mrs. Virgin Islands, and Mrs. Ireland were selected by the jury of the Mrs world. All three beauties were gorgeous that evening. But fortunately, Mrs. Sri Lanka, Caroline Julie, chanced to win the previous crown after very big dedications. She bitted 51 countries for bringing that crown to her country.  The 1st runner up of this event is Mrs. Ireland, and Mrs. Virgin Islands took the 3rd place in this beauty pageant.  


         This was the second time that Sri Lanka won the Mrs world crown to bring there. In 1984 Mrs. Sri Lanka,  Mrs. Rosy Senanayake won this event. It was started the development of Mrs world 1985. It was also a fabulous moment for every Sri Lankans. At the Second time, Caroline Lucy Anne Juri won the Mrs world crown. She is a pure Sri Lankan. She was born on the 5th of October in 1992. Her born city is kandana, Sri Lanka. Now she is 27 years old. She is in her middle age. She has brown skin. She studied at St Sebastian girls school, Kandana.  She works at the virgin megastore in Dubai as a sales executive. Her husband is Mr. Nishantha Deepal. He also works in Dubai as she lived for many years in Dubai. She is a mother. She has a little daughter. She is one year old. 

         Mrs. Jurie said to the media after winning that it was indeed a miracle that happened in her lifetime. She was really surprised by that. And also she said when she selected to the top 20 although she didn’t think that she will win the big glory. Beginning of this journey, there is no sponsorship or any support from the due authority. She said that it was normal. Because no one thinks that she can win this glory on that day. But, fortunately, she has a lovely and supportable gorgeous family. They help her lots. She said that she had no word to describe how their support and caring. Especially her husband, Mr. Nishantha Deepal, always has a busy life though he helped her a lot his best as a good husband. In Sri Lankan, culture, husbands do not tend their wives for social events like Mrs. Sri Lanka. But Mr. Nishantha Deepal has a great dream that one day, his wife can carry the Mrs world crown. Therefore he gave a chance to his wife to be a beauty queen. Not only that, but also he didn’t give up her. He always was behind her in every difficulty. Not only her husband’s dream but also it was her mother in law’s goal. She even with her, and when she was busy in that pageant, her mother-in-law Looked after her baby daughter well. Mrs. Jurei thanked a lot to her.  On the other hand, she thanked Mrs. Chandimal Jayasinhe, who is a makeup artist, always with her. When she selected to go to the USA to Mrs world pageant, her visa was rejected twice. But Mr. Chandimal Jayasinhe and Madam Rosy Senanayake, who Mrs world 1985 and the mayor of Colombo helped to get the permission visa. Madam Rosy sent the letter to the American embassy to get the visa again. She told that Mrs. Rosy after Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant called her, and she tied to give government support. Not only that but she thanks her choreographer also. Mrs. Nilmini Thennakoone also provided support to her at the all-time is a Sri Lankan famous actress. She told me that she couldn’t remember everyone who helped her by name. But she thanked them. But she thinks one thing now that everything’s done by her god.

             Mrs. Caroline jurie was a woman who faced a lot of difficulties when she was a child. She said that she really suffered them, and sometimes she thought her life was valueless. Intern, she has tended to Suicide sometimes because she had depression too. If she has died, we will have not beauty. But she dared everything patiently. Not any others, she absolutely a brave woman. She knows what sadness. How to get the strength to stand herself strongly. Not only that, when she faced the event, some people dragged her down, but she didn’t get them. Energetically he ignored her barriers and difficulties. She didn’t do that. She never can bring the previous crown to her motherland. She said that she was very lucky and her motherland .she said that she would help children who are suffering from mental difficulties in the world. That is the main plan of her. She told everyone to help her with helping the program. 

              Thirty-five years ago, Mrs. Rosy Senanayake brought the Mrs world crown to Sri Lanka. She is a mayoress of Colombo,  Sri Lanka. And she is a very brave woman. Therefore Sri Lanka is now in. 4th place in Mrs world beauty pageant list. 


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