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The history of

poor children play football

The history of football is the main focus. It’s the most important. Because of an empire, by the way, this is football America the gameplay using your feet or a foot and football began in England, not Greece Or China.

In ancient Greece, there was a team game known as apiss gross, which was noted down by Tiffanys in the 4th century BC. The Roman game, as well as harps Astin that was based on the same game. However, both games are more related to rugby. It involved throwing a ball over a white line on your opponent’s side of an area a field a pitch. Whatever they called it. But then it also involved a high level of violence and a low level of intelligence, which is again more similar to rugby. Now around the 3rd century of the Chinese developed a game called kudos now.

There are lots of different ways that they’d pronounce this game and say this game. Because it’s the easiest, it is a game that involved kicking a ball through an open net without the use of hands. But personal skill development was more important than scoring goals. Because back then, a foul was when you did something wrong in a game, for example, you kicked a ball too far out of play. 


Grate football

It was nasty, and points got deducted. So that basically just made the game focused on making fewer mistakes. The game was also primarily played by the upper classes. Began to decline during the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century due to neglect and the fact. Tt sounds she there are also many accounts of other games that are similar to today’s football or would be by Eskimos and Greenland’s Native Americans.

All the way to the indigenous people in Australia, so we’re gonna skip forward. There and next came mob football, which was seen in Britain from around the 9thcentury. Basically, during this game, an unlimited number of people usually know the teams would be one town versus. Another would stick a ball in between the cities and the game, so for example, the city would have to get the past ball town.

KING, CHURCH, and Football

These churches and Tambi would have to get the previous ball town a school imagines file football on a ridiculous scale. The only rules against this were murder and manslaughter. That was it, anything girls. They still do this today in some towns, obviously with a lesser scale of violence. But it was absolute madness and understandably for the next few centuries football kept getting banned by the likes of King Edward III and King Henry IV. So let’s move on to more things

related to today’s football that really started public schools in Britain during the 16th century by the public and private. Tt’s just in Britain. We say general, which is closed, which is ridiculous because they’re basically opposite of each other decided. Teamwork was good and wanted to take it away from the mob mentality.

But sadly, it wasn’t completely removed from the game as it does remain in such places as Millwall and Leeds. So during this time, kicking running team positions, referees and coaches became integrated into the game. Coaches were called training masters. Because that sounds amazing and football here again was a lot more like rugby. So fast-forwarding to the 18th century of football was still pay played in public, private schools, so to confuse them everywhere.

In the 17th century

The offside rule was created in 1848 is where rugby and Football really began to split with the Cambridge rules were 12 representatives from schools came together to make the game.

Football ground

More kicking based not handle based.The decisions made here only stayed within the public, private schools. But arguably had a significant influence on the creation of what later would become the FA the Football Association in 1851. Richard Lyndon and William gilbert showed off their new round and oval-shaped balls at the Great Exhibition in London. They were the first footballs with rubber bladders. The inside of the football that is more sin to today’s standards in 1857. The world’s oldest club Sheffield FC was formed. However, they played Sheffield rules.

The first meeting of the Football Association known as the FA with the aim of unifying the game into a single code that they would all play. Regulate together with the public, private schools declined to join except Charterhouse and upping him, and after the third meet in a draft set of rules. They were created, and December 8. So the laws of football published, but using your hands was still used within the game. That is when the first game of FA rules was played with 90-minute matches being introduced in 1866, and the first time was London against Sheffield. That is when the use of handling was stopped by 1870.


Royal Engineers AFC was playing the first and most authentic kind of scientific football. Modern Esque passing was used. They were the first team that was described as playing beautifully together. The first one to football and recorded short pass came at a match just after between Derby school. Knowing a forest school in 1872 and Cambridge University with the first side to perfect and modern like formation with are very attacking-minded to 3/5 Pyramid. So for those who play football nine games, I do not advise using this formation in 1871. The world’s oldest national knockout tournament the FA Cup began with Wanderers beating the Royal

Engineers 1 nil in 1872. The first FIFA-recognized international match was played between Scotland and England in Hamilton. It finished a thrilling. However, the following year, England beat Scotland in London to become the first team to win an international game. Therefore they were the best team ever in the world. There was a north/south divide in the years.

after the 17th century


Professional footballers were accepted into the game to avoid a footballing split, and the Football League was a raid in 1888. The most exceptional team ever Bolton Wanderers and Preston won the first league championship without losing any of their 22 games. They also won the FA Cup edging towards the 20th century. The teams based in the Midlands began to

dominate with the exception of Blackburn.  It bagged five FA Cups between the 1880s and 1890s in 1891. John Brodie created the first football net and in 1892. Division two was added and saw London’s first team Woolwich Arsenal being added as well as Liverpool Manchester City. It is football’s first dodgy side. The club had dominated the 1904 season. But were found to have had severe financial irregularities, which included paying some people seven pounds a week.

The limit was four you dirty dogs, And speaking of dodgy FIFA was created in 1904 .a Football became an official competition in 1908. London Olympics, the Sir Thomas Lipton trophy held in Turin in 1909, is, in a way, the first World Cup because clubs were invited from different countries to participate.


First official FIFA World Cup as in the same one as we have today with Uruguay being seen as the first-ever World Cup champions. The game stopped due to ww1 and grew once again on its return and by

1923. There were three English divisions and in the same year. Wembley was open and hosted. The Coupe des Nations was held in Geneva. Which was the first attempt at creating a cup competition when national champions from other countries would compete against each other? With aged pests from Hungary winning that very first competition. The game stopped again this time for the award-winning sequel. Top football countries had multiple divisions of national cups. There were two European competitions a European International Cup and World Cup England won their first and only World Cup in 1966. 

In present

Football world cup of

Aventis saw 39 Aventis fans loser lives and it led to English clubs receiving a five-year international cup Ban.  Even prominent and historical teams such as walls Burma and Preston suffered consecutive relegations. It all came to a head in 1989 following the Hillsborough disaster, which forced the FA to modernise football by focusing on improved security better stadium seating at the stadium Tougher punishment for hooligans. And it really did help make a difference and make it safer as it is today, and the FA Premier League was formed in 1992. The top twenty-two clubs in English football broke away from the Football League in an effort to increase their incomes and become more competitive on an international scale, not because of greed the selling of TV rights in a separate deal to the Football.


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