Football – 101 and why Football is the best game in the world


In ancient times, many people used to play football. It is one of the oldest games in the world.  Nowadays, it has become one of the most famous games in the world. There are many football tournaments in the world. They are the football world cup, Euro Championship, Copa America, African cup of the nation. In addition to that,  domestically, the most active leagues came from England. Out of them, England premier league, Spain premier league and Italy premier league. Football also is known as soccer. 

Period of a football game 

The period for football is significant. It is more different than other team game. During 90 minutes, players have to get many goals for more score. It is the time frame of this game. The 90 minutes divided into two periods. It is one period has 45 minutes. After the first 45 minutes player can take a rest. It is about 15 minutes. It calls half time. Next 45 minutes will resume and any time deemed fit. Players also can get injury time meanwhile the playing game 

Players and Pieces of equipment

 It needs two teams to play football. Every two teams need 11 players. Among them, there are one goalkeeper and other outfield players. The football court is varying widely from another court of team games. It is huge. It is roughly 120 yards long and 75 yards wide. Next to the goalmouth, there is a small pitch that is a box. It is about 6 yard. The 18-yard box is surrounding the 6-yard box and the centre circle. The half-court must be a twin court of the other half. It is compulsory. 

For playing football we essential football. Not only that but also players need football boots, shin pads and matching strips. The goalkeeper must wear the padded gloves Goalkeepers is the only person who can touch the football by hand. So they wear gloves. 


How to get a goal?

To get a goal during the time, players should have to go to the opposition’s goal net with the ball. The whole ball needs to be over the line for a legitimate goal.  Players can hit by leg, head and chest to the ball. But it is prohibited to hit the ball by hand. During the time, players have to get more goals than opponents score.  When a talented team play football, sometimes score level may be tied. In a regular match, it is not a problem, but some individual tournament like the World Cup needs a real Winner. As a solution, judgers give extra time to select real winner players must have used to feet to kick the ball. 

The rules of football

  • There should be 11 players for every two groups They are one goalkeeper who is near to the goal mouth can hit or touch the ball and other ten outfield players .but to continue the match seven players need minimally
  • There are two periods. Second 45 minutes period with meanwhile 15 minutes break. The whole period is 90 minutes. 
  • The football ball court should cover from the grass. The grass has to be artificial or natural. 
  • The sizes of pitches allowed to vary. It must be 100- 130 yard long and 50-100 yard wide. The shape of the ball is a rectangle. And also there are two six-yard boxes, 18.yard box and centre circle. They all must be visible. 
  • The football is a circumference of 58-61 can, and it has to be a circle shape.
  • And,

  • The referees are more critical. There should be two referees. They name one referee and two referees. Two referees are also called as a linesman. The primary duty of a referee is the time count and crest decision. They have to note up the fault, free-kick, throw-in, penalties and added on time at the end of each half. The referees can take a decision with assistance referees. They have to consult them at any time during the match. The assistant referee act to spot offside in the game, throw-in for either team and also assist the referees in all decision making process. 
  • Every team has seven substitutes for playing the game. The substitutions can be made at any time of the match with each team being able to make a maximum of 3  substations per. If some players leave or some player has an injury. Substitution can replace the previous player. 
  •  In some particular time,  both teams can achieve the same level. The match is growing. This situation, referees can give extra 30 minutes in addition to the 90 minutes 
  • If teams are still level after spare time, then a penalty shootout must take place. 

The whole ball must cross the goal line for it to constitute as a goal.

  • The player who did falt can give two cards by referees  .they are a yellow card or red card. Both cards give to the players for the nature of the fault .yellow card gives for awareness of the warning. But the red card gives for the big mistake. They can kick off the game .the two yellow cards are equal to the one red card. 
  • If a ball goes out of playoff an opponent I’m either of the sidelines then it is given as a throw-in m if it goes out the baseline then it is a goal kick. If it comes off a defending player, it is a corner kick. 


The offside rules

When the attacking player is in front of the defending player passed through to them. It is called offside. Also, it is also essential. It is created for the discourage players from merely hanging around the opponent’s goal waiting for a pass. They must be placed behind the last defender when the ball is played to them. If some players in front of that previous defender, then he is deemed to be offside and free-kick to the defending team will be called. The player can’t be caught offside in their own half. The goalkeeper does not count as a defender it the ball is played backwards, and the player is in front of the last defender.


The benefits of playing football 

  • It helps to improve our Arabic capacity 

   running fast for about 90 minutes is good, and it is an exercise for our body.

  • Improve cardiovascular health it is one of the best benefits of playing football during the time every player may run near 8 or 11 km.
  • Decrease body weight and improve muscle.
  • Build muscle strength

kicking, jumping and twisting and turning help to that 

  •  Increase bone strength 
  • Teaches coordination 
  • Build cooperation among players 
  • Increase cognitive brain function 
  • Easy to play than other games


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