Christmas is a religious festival. Catholics and Christians celebrate Christmas. But it is a traditional festival that celebrates evert people in the world peacefully. Therefore it is known as the multicultural festival. Christmas is celebrated in the last month of their year on the 25th of December. It is a worldwide holiday. It also an economic phenomenon. Every people who celebrate Christmas observe as spiritual and practical. They celebrate Christmas for commemorating the anniversary of their birthday of Jesus of Nazareth. He was a religious leader who taught the basics of their religion.

    On that day, they exchanged gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending churches, android sharing meals. They organize parties on that day with relations, friends, and neighbors. Not only that, but also Santa Claus is unique. Children are waiting for Santa Claus, who gives gifts to children. He arrives on the 24th of December at night. According to the history of Christmas, It’s started from the birth of Jesus. There is winter in December. Christian think the winter as the darkness. But they believe Christmas covers the darkness of the winter. They say Christmas was giving them light. So the billions of people all over the world celebrate that.       


                   Christmas is also called Xmas, Noel, and Nativity. Western Christianity and some easterners celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December usually. But some nations not on that day.on the 7 of January oriental orthodox and some Eastern Orthodox celebrate it. Not only that but also on 6th January and 19th January are celebrated some nations. 

             The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is beautiful.  Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary are the parents of him. They had married the city of Bethlehem in the beautiful night. Unfortunately, I didn’t have room to spend the night. That night, Mary was ready to deliver the baby Jesus. So they offered the stable to spend there at night.  The baby Jesus was born that durable dawning peace and joy all over the world with angels.

    How people celebrate Christmas 

    • Decorating Christmas tree.

    Christmas trees are becoming a central part of Christmas. Every Christians make Christmas tree their home. They decorate them beautifully, and they keep their Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree and the getting together around and singing songs and carols. Germany created the Christmas tree in the 16 century.

    After that, the Christmas tree was a tradition. Some build Christmas pyramids of wood and decorate them in their homes. Martin Luther was Protestant reformer added light candles to a tree in 16 the century. Decorating Christmas trees are very different. Some build a full green tree, some build full white trees, and some like to make green trees with white snow. Most people get the Christmas trees as pinas tree. Many times Christmas tree decorated with Christmas balls, lights, Christmas gifts, and Santa Claus. At the top of the tree, they keep the star.

           In 19 century, Americans found the Christmas tree an oddity. The first record of one being on display was in 1830 by the German settlers of Pennsylvania. Although trees had been a tradition in many German homes much earlier. The Pennsylvania German settlements had community trees as early as 1747. But as late as the 1840 Christmas trees were seen as a pagan symbol and not accepted by most Americans.

    •  You are exchanging gifts.

    Exchanging gifts are the central part of Christmas. People go shopping to buy the perfect gifts for friends, family, and neighbors. Every people have an inspiration for shopping for Christmas. They buy a lot of things like clothes, electronics, pieces of equipment, furniture, food, and decorations. They think exchanging girls makes them cooperation and company with each other. It also gives happiness. Sometimes the gifts that gave from special people are the good memories to regard them. Happiness and joy are the themes of Christmas. They make sure everyone has fun in the process.

    • Santa Claus

     Santa Claus is also the central part of the kid’s Christmas. Also, Santa who is like their grandpa gives them lots of gifts. Children don’t think about Christmas without him. They believe that, however, Santa delivers the gifts that they need. Therefore since a few months ago to December, they write a letter about the gifts that they need to Santa. They are sure that Santa reads them and gives gifts at night on the 24th of December.

    Santa Claus is a legend. In action time, there was a father who dressed beautifully as grandpa, and he gave gifts to the poor. That has become the tradition now. Every city, every shopping malls, and every street there are Santa clues we can see. It isn’t there is no Christmas. Santa is closer to everyone much more. Do you like to know more about Santa? Click here to get to know 15 hidden facts about Santa.

    •    Attending churches

    Attending churches at the dawning of Christmas is a very important thing that every Christians do. They wear beautiful dresses and get makeup on that night like weddings. On the 24th of December night, they already go to churches. In the middle of the night of the day, they sing carols and pray for Jesus Christ.

    It is a wonderful night for everyone. Churches are decorated from the lights and any Christmas decorations. On that day, they practically and spirituality pray. After that, everyone gets together and arrange parties. Christmas day is full of parties. According to the research, in America, six out of 10 Americans attend the churches at Christmas time. 

    • Christmas food

    At Christmas, everyone forgets to get unique Christmas foods. They make a lot of food in their homes. Someone buy from the shops. During this time, food shops are many. They have good businesses at that time. Especially they make Christmas cakes. It is the main thing. They use dates, plums, fruits, and some alcohol to taste the Christmas cake. Christmas cakes are more delicious than other cake.

    Not only that, but also they make Christmas puddings it is similar to the Christmas cakes.  Wine is the favorite drink during Christmas time. Many people make wine since last year. On Christmas day, they drink wine and enjoy it. Meat is another favorite dish. Many people love to eat bacon. Some are like roast chicken.

    • Carols

     Meanwhile, Christmas carols are a significant part. Mostly children tend to sing carols. There are so many carols concerts during Christmas. Some carol team goes to the house by house to sing carols. Carols are very beautiful are about Jesus Christ.


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