Christmas travel : Australia – part 1


Australia is a country rich in naturally beautiful places as well as marvelous man-made creations. If you are willing to travel to Australia, there are many exciting places. Australia is a country diverse from its beauty. The most beautiful places in Australia to visit can be listed as follows;

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge 
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Gold Coast City 
  • Uluru
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Daintree Rainforest 
  • Lake Hillier
  • Hyams Beach
  • Lord Howe Island 
  • Margaret River 
  • Whitsunday Island
  • Fleurieu Peninsula 
  • The Kimberley
  • Wineglass Bay
  •  etc.

    wild Sydney

All the places mentioned earlier are the most important places which are situated in Australia. This article will provide you further information about the following locations.

  1. Sydney Opera House 
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge  
  3. Gold Coast 

Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of human creativity. It is a multi-venue performing arts centre at the Sydney Harbour in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Sydney Opera House welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world each and every year. It is an iconic venue and features the world-class performance of Opera, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern and Classical music, theatre, and more. It is a performing arts center.

  • Construction

    Sydney Opera House 

Sydney Opera House is a place having an eye-catching roof structure. Its roof structure makes it one of the most photographed buildings all around the world. Construction of the Sydney Opera House was started in 

1 st March 1959. Its construction finished in 1973. Then the Opera House was opened to the public on 20 to October 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. Its construction cost was 927 Australian Dollars those days. The total height of this building is 65 m (213 feet). The length and width of the building are 183 m(600 feet) and 120 m (394 feet), respectively. It covers a total land area of 1.8 hectares (4.4 acres). When we consider its structural system, it is made up of the concrete frame and precast concrete ribbed roof. 

  • Performance Venues 

Sydney Opera House is a place, including a number of performance venues. They are as follows;

  •   Concert Hall
  • Joan Sutherland Theatre 
  • Drama Theatre 
  • Playhouse 
  • Studio 
  • Utzon Room
  • Recording Studio 
  • Outdoor Forecourt 

The total seating capacity is 5,738. The seating capacities of the above-mentioned halls are listed below.

  • 2,679 seats in the Concert Hall
  • 1,507 seats in the Joan Sutherland Theatre 
  • 544 seats in the Drama Theatre 
  • 398 seats in the Playhouse 
  • 400 seats in the Studio 
  • 210 seats in the Utzon Room

Sydney Opera House is a place to visit for visitors who are interested in aesthetic entertainment. The Opera House is Sydney’s best-known landmark. In the year 2007, the Opera House was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Along with the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous tourist attractions. “The Coathanger” is the name of that bridge. It is a bridge that joins North and South Sydney.

  • Structure

    Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is designed through an arch bridge. Its total length is 1,149 m (3,770 feet). Width is 48.8 m (160 feet). Height is 134 m(440 feet). Sydney Harbour Bridge carries Bradfield Highway. North Shore Railway Line. A pedestrian way and a cycleway. The bridge was constructed by Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough. The construction of the bridge was started on 28th July 1923. The construction of the bridge was completed on 19th January 1932. 

  • Tourism

A large number of tourists visit Sydney Harbour Bridge throughout the year. Not only now, even during the construction of the bridge it a place which has a good tourist attraction. There you can walk or cycle across the bridge or climb to the top of the bridge. One of the most famous activities related to this beach is climbing the bridge. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel bridge in the world. Also, it an iconic construction spanning one of the finest natural harbors. There are some important things that are obvious for you to do if you are hoping to travel to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They are climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge,

Take a look at the magnificent views from Pylon Lookout, fly over this high bridge as well as saviour delicious harbour curies.   

Gold Coast.

gold coast

The Gold Coast is a city in Queensland. Queensland is an island that belongs to the state of Australia. It has a coastal belt which attracts many tourists from all over the world. It includes the world-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers paradise. The Gold Coast is mostly famous for its white-sand beaches that stretch across a large area.

  • Geography

The Gold Coast is half covered by a variety of vegetations. It includes various types of forests. They are rainforests, mangrove environments, patches of coastal heathlands and farmlands, etc. The Gold Coast is a place that experiences a humid subtropical climate.

  • Beaches

The Gold Coast city has a coastal belt of 70 kilometres ( 43 miles). It consists of many beautiful and excellent beaches. There are a list of those beaches;

  • South Stradbroke Island 
  • The Spit
  • Surfers Paradise 
  • Broad Beach
  • Mermaid Beach 
  • Nobby Beach
  • Miami
  • Burleigh Beach
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Palm Beach
  • Greenmount
  • Rainbow Bay etc.

Australian Government has taken various steps in order to protect this coastal belt. Also, they have implemented rules and regulations too. 

  •  Tourism

Every year around ten million tourists visit the Gold Coast area. Those visitors can be categorized as follows. 

  1. International visitors 
  2. Domestic overnight visitors 
  3. Daytrip visitors 

Tourism is the Gold Coast city’s primary industry. It generates a total of 2.5 billion Australian Dollars in revenue per annum. In the Gold Coast City, there are about 13,000 rooms for the visitors. If you are willing to visit the Gold Coast city, please don’t forget these things.

  1. Beach hop along the coastline.
  2. Get your heart racing at the world-class theme park.  
  3. Swim beneath waterfalls in Gold Coast hinterland.

The top sights in Gold Coast are;

  • The Sea World 
  • Warner  Bros. Movie World 
  •  Dream World
  • SkyPoint Observation Deck 
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 
  • Springbrook National Park
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Broadbeach
  • White Water World etc.   

So it is obvious that the above mentioned three places are among the most beautiful and marvellous places in Australia. One should visit those places at least once in their lives.

In the next article, I will give you the top 5 power banks in the world. 


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