Christmas gift guide 2019 – ladies watch edition


 You know that everyone would like to wear beautiful dresses and other exceptional beautiful ornaments. That is human nature. In contemporary society, the watch is even used as a beautiful ornament. Most of the people think that watch can be used as only a device that can see the time. But it is not like that. Through a watch, we can fulfil various needs. Smartwatch can use for various tasks such as calling, messaging and other applications that we can find through smartphones. Other than that, there are standard watches. Those normal watches can be used as a watch you see the time as well as as a decorative ornament. 

in this article, you will know about the best watches which you can gift to your loving girl. some watches in this article is expensive.keep it mind. Then we will see how these watches can use in the fashions. We need beautiful watches. You know that usually, women like to wear fashionable watches. Today from here, you can get to know more details about some watches that are suitable for women if you are a man but don’t neglect the reading. Because you can get an idea about the watches that suit women, in the future, you will have an idea about to present a watch for some women such as your mother, sister, daughter, wife or someone else. At that time, this article seems to be advantageous. 

  Now we can move to our main topic. It is about five watches that suits to women very much. There are so many. But I thought to tell you about only five watches. Those are as follows. 

  • Rolex lady Datejust 26 gold dial 18K yellow gold president automatic watch
  • Vacheron Constantin Overseas small model
  • Piaget polo forty-five lady watch 
  • Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava
  • Lange and Sohne Saxonia mother of pearl and diamond watch. 

These are the topics that I would like to speak with you. After reading those, you can decide what the best watch is. Now we shall start. Our first topic is, 

Rolex lady Datejust 26 gold dial 18K yellow gold president automatic watch

   The Rolex watches had taken a leading place in the watch companies. Rolex brand is one of the most popular brands. There are watches for men and women. There are some more watches in this series that can categories based on some more qualities. Those areas your desire and the price of the watch. The eye-catching watch is the Pink Jubilee diamond dial steel and 18K Eve rose gold automatically. There is a pink jubilee face, two-tone watch band and fluted Eve rose gold bezel. 

   As well as that this is a very beautiful and slimmer than the other watches. The bracelet of this watch made out using 18 karats yellow gold. There is even a gold face too. This is a waterproof watch too. 

   I told you some details about this above watch. Actually, this is a beautiful and luxurious watch. Not only about this watch, but there are also some more watches to discuss with you. Then we will see the next topic. It is, 

Vacheron Constantin Overseas small model

   This is even a luxurious and beautiful watch. There are three interchangeable bracelets and straps come with this watch. In other than that there is a black hand-stitched alligator strap in this watch. That is the most attractive feature. And there is satin-brushed stainless steel. 

There is a blue rubber too. 

  The dazzle is with the 84 round cut diamonds. Those are set on the six-sided bevel. The brown lacquered sunburst face. This is some large watch. And there is a large timepiece too. 

  This above some short description about the Vacheron Constantin Overseas small model. I think you can wear this watch proudly because this is a lovely watch. 

Then we should turn to our next topic in here. That is, 

Piaget polo forty-five lady watch

   The Swiss watches are the watches that has gained so much popularity in the list of most popular women’s watch. Among those women’s watches, Piaget polo had even got an important place in the most popular watches. 

  The polo timepiece is famous for 35 years. It was famous because of its avant-garde style. But It was produced before 35 years. In the present, it has become very famous. This watch is quite large watch. 

  There are some more types of these types of watches. One of them is the 18 karat rose gold case with diamond pave bezel. That is with a white face and date display. There are diamond index marker and a white rubber band in it too. In the other type, there is a rose gold face and diamond pave face. And there is an alligator leather strap. Piaget polo forty-five lady watch can be used as a sense of sporty style.

   These above details are about the watch Piaget polo forty-five lady watch. Now we have finished about 3 topics. Now we have to move to our next topic. It is,

Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava

    I think this is a watch that seems to be gorgeous. 

  This has a white gold case. In other than that there are 48 small baguette diamonds that set in the bezel. As well as that more small baguette diamonds are set on the prong buckle set. These are set in a night blue dial and midnight blue brushed satin strap.  

  There are some more types of these watches. You can see them from the following. There are six other varieties here. Among them, one is looking dark purple lacquered face, and violet coloured alligator strap with 20 diamonds in other than that white colour gold case that sets more than five carats of diamonds. As I said in the above, this is a precious watch. This is a beautiful watch too. I suppose that this watch is a watch that can select for women. Surely that will be the best selection for your particular person. 

  Now, this is all about the Patek Philippe ladies Calatrava watch. Then we can talk about our next topic for today. This is the final topic that I have decided to talk to you. That is, 

Lange and Sohne Saxonia mother of pearl and diamond watch. 

   In this watch, there are two unique features of this watch. Those areas technical perfection and pure elegance. That is surprising.

  There is 18 white karat gold case presenting here. It is very pleasant. Then this is with a smaller mother of second-hand pearl dial at the bottom. This seems to be as not just like a watch, but this can be seen as a full of artworks. 

  In that watch, there are small sparkling diamonds that mounted surround on the bezel of this watch. There is a white alligator strip in here too. It improves the look of this watch. d,

  This is a type of beautiful watch too. As well as that this is a long-lasting watch. I think this is a watch that suits you or a woman very much. 

  Now we have to get closer to the end of this article. I think that you have got more details about some more details about the best watches for the women. see you in the next article, bye


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