Best Water Play Areas In The World


As we all know, almost all people like to spend their time with happiness and joy. Therefore, they use different paths to enjoy their life. Most of the time, people choose to travel as a result of this. Hence, It could be a trip around the world or a trip to their own country. 

Travelling around the world or in your country somehow allows us to enjoy emotional and mental freedom. I’m just going to tell you about a beautiful experience that we can gain during a visit. It’s nothing else but water play. Water play can be interpreted in different ways.

Perhaps it is the experience of getting from a pool of water in a comfortable stay. Otherwise, it could be a watering hole on a famous beach. However, you know that there are many types of water sports. You see, we can gain a lot of fun with those activities. However, if you have ever had such an experience before, you know how fun it is.

So let’s talk about our topic directly and forward with that now. At first, here I’m going to describe to you the best beaches to surf, the world’s best water parks, and the best water pools under the topic,

Best water play areas.

Then I will start with the world’s best water parks.

World Water Park, Canada

The World Water Park, Canada

At the very outset, I selected the World Water Park in Alberta, Canada. This is the second-largest indoor water park in the world. It is located inside Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall. There is the world’s largest indoor water pool, with 2.7 million gallons of water. There are many attractions, including a looping water slide and blue thunder, a bungee jump tower suspended over the wave pool. 

You can get more fun with your whole family if you visit there. The park is a wet, wild, and wonderful one to enjoy thoroughly. You can experience the water slides if you visit there. Also, there are children’s areas and hot tubs. The park is so amazing. And there are 5 acres of playland. There are events, including Sky-Flyer Zipline, Flow rider, Slide boarding, and Cyclone.

Yas Water World, UAE

The Yas Water World, UAE

The location of the water park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There are so many special attractions that created specifically for the park. This park opened in 2013. There are 43 rides and attractions, including five water slides specially created for Yas Water World. There is the world’s first hydromagnetic powered water slide, 1804 foot long water coaster, and the bandit bomber. And also, visitors can enjoy a hang on Flown barrel surf simulator and take a spin on the Liwa loop. It is a tourist paradise. I said that because a lot of people are willing to come and enjoy water play in Abu Dhabi. 

Watercube Waterpark, China

The Watercube Waterpark, China

All runs of the Water Cube Water Park in Beijing, China were designed and shipped overseas. The creations are trendy among the tourists that imported from the world’s number one supplier. The tunnel-shaped Tornado ride, Aqua loop slide, and Bullet bowl are some highlights of the park. 

Guests should be on the lookout for giant jellyfish and bubble clouds suspended from the ceiling. This park is the largest and the most advanced water park in China. 

Water World Waterpark, Cyprus

The Water-world Water park, Cyprus

The Water World Water Park is located in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. This park is also one of the tourist attractions of water parks in the world. The park was created with a Grecian theme and award-winning. It has Trojan horse-shaped monuments and lots of towers in the park. It is one of the biggest themed water parks in Europe. 

There are many facilities in the park, such as food outlets, souvenir shops, and others. The park has been launched as one of the 12 best water parks in the world by CNN.

Siam Park, Spain

Siam Park, Spain

The Siam Park is a Thai themed water park on the island, Tenerife. There are many popular attractions in the water park. Among them, a 91-foot-high tower of power is the most popular item. The lazy river and wave pool of the park offer slightly more relaxed workouts. 

The park was opened by the Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 15th September 2008. There are about 1.2 million visitors to the park per year, according to the annual reports. Including Naga Race, Volcano, Jungle Snake, Power Tower, many items attract the attention of visitors. 

Aquatica, Orlando

Aquatica, Orlando

The working team of Aquatica Water Park has decided to make two wave pools side by side because they haven’t satisfied with one enormous wave pool. However, the dolphin plunge water slides take passengers to an amazing ride via a dolphin aquarium. It’s such an amazing and enjoyable place to visit with your family and friends because you can gain strange experiences playing in the park. There is a sandy beach covered with soft, white sand. It filled with 1360 tons of sand. This is the best water park in Orlando, Florida.

So I will wind up writing about the water parks now. As I told you before, next, I will explain to you the best pools in the world of travelling. 

There are pools that attract the attraction of tourists all over the world. They are situated in beautiful eye-catching areas. Definitely, you will amaze if you visit these places because you can gain more fun and be happy with your households here.

In summer or any other period of the year, do you love to dive in a pool??? So these are the most suitable, fantastic and biggest swimming pools in the world.

Havasu Falls Natural Pool, Arizona

The Havasu Falls Natural Pool, Arizona

If you are looking for a truly amazing and supernatural place to swim, I’m sure this is the place you must visit. This is a magical place. We can feel the smell of nature from here. You will need a permit to enter the pool from the Havasupai tribe. A limited number of tourists can visit the lake. Thus, I think you will have this incredible experience for yourself. 

The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool

The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool

You can’t imagine the fun in this unique pool. The size of the pool and seawater makes the water pool unique and incredible. A luxury resort in Algarrobo, Chile saying that there is the world’s largest pool. There is a beach covered with white sand, and great seawater is spreading along the beach. Can you imagine what it would be like if you were on vacation here? It’s so amazing to have a vacation here. Do you really want to spend time in a huge pool?

Crocosaurus Cove Pool

Would you like to dive into a crocodile-filled pool and experience a terrifying curiosity? So this is a chance for you to have a unique experience and to the increase, your heartbeat. The pool is situated in Darwin, Australia. There are about 200 species with the most massive crocs as long as five meters. You can dive 12 times per day in a safety cage alone or with your fearless buddy. Go and get the experience that you really need. 

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

The location of the pools is Pamukkale City, Denizli Province, Southwestern Turkey. These pools are a wonder of mother nature. Mother nature makes us happy the most. These natural pools are made of white colour sedimentary rocks deposited by water from the hot springs. Pamukkale’s sight is huge. There are over a hundred warm water pools. This is so important that you visit natural pools because you can experience nature with natural pools like these. You can get there by train, bus, car or you can organise a tour.

Chongwe River House Pool

The Chongwe River House Pool

Chongwe River House Pool is located in the Chongwe River House Hotel in Zambia. Above the Chongwe River is a stunningly designed shop with an incredible floor and pool. Hide in the shade of a massive winter tree and watch wild animals while drinking your cocktails sit in comfort.

So now, let’s forward with our last subheading Best Beaches to Surf.

Bondi Beach, Austria

The Bondi Beach, Austria

At the start, I have selected Bondi Beach in Sydney to describe it to you. Bondi Beach is very popular among the people who love to surf on the beach. Bondi Beach is an iconic beach in Australia. It is covered with soft and fascinating white sand. Walkers and joggers use the Bondi Beach for coastal walking with its dramatic scenery. The beach was founded in 1851. And its area is 122 hectares. 

Fulong Beach, Taiwan

Fulong Beach, Taiwan

The waves range is so good for surfing on this coast. The wave range is one or two meters. The beach is a part of northeast Taiwan. There are large campsites near the beach, and a sandbox creates waves that peel right and left. Another name for the beach is Fulong Bathing Beach.

Montanita Beach, Ecuador

Montanita Beach, Ecuador

The location of the beach is the same as the name of the beach, Montanita. The beach is a popular world destination for surfing people. The spot is on the west coast. Montanita Beach is considered as one of the best coasts in Ecuador. 

Surfing in Montanita is a great experience you must have. It offers great waves to surf. It makes challenges for new surfers on the beach. You can have great surfing if you visit there. The best waves as large as 2 meters are coming from January to March. During the Carnival, each February, Montanita holds an international surf competition. 

Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

dolphins surfing super tubes

Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa offers one of the best places for a surf. This is a wonderful world-famous area for surfing. There are sections in the bay.  Expert surfers are doing great surf here as long as 300 meters. When surfing on the bay, you can gather more experiences for yourself. 

Really it will be a wonderful and amazing journey you ever have. Do you want to enjoy this type of place? Then plan your own journey with your family and friends just now. 

The bubble, Canary Islands

So you have reached the end of this article. At last, I will explain to you about the bubble in the Canary Islands.

The bubble, Canary Islands

This is the last place I’m going to explain to you under the topic Best Water Play Areas.

Also, the bubble in the Canary Islands is one of the best areas for surfing. The best season to surfing the Canary Islands is September through April. There is sunny weather during these periods. Therefore, numerous tourists are coming to this area for surfing. Because of that, it can be crowded the place in these periods. That doesn’t mean you can’t be there and can not enjoy it. There are plenty of areas to surf everyone. So don’t worry, you will miss that opportunity. You will definitely experience it if you visit there.

I hope that by reading this article, you will find important information about traveling areas. So I will wind up my article here now. I look forward to bringing you more information like this. So this is the end of my article.


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