Best smartwatches to buy for Christmas 2019


 A watch is an essential device for everyone. Some so many people are working on time correctly. Therefore watch is an essential Device as well as that the watch is multi-tasking. Some people are using a wristwatch to watch the time. There is another use of that too. It can be used as a beautiful ornament. Some are using these watches as designs and patterns also. Today I am starting to tell you about the best smartwatches that you can buy and wear. Even if you decided to buy a watch as a present for someone, this would be a help for you to buy the best watch. Now we will start about those four watches. But first of all, you have to know what are those five watches. They are as follows. 

  • Apple watch series 5 
  • Samsung galaxy watch
  • Apple Watch 3
  • Xiaomi bip 

Now we can start our topics. 

Apple watch series 5  

     This is an excellent conditioned watch. Through this watch, we can see the time everywhere. The actual meaning of the above sentence is there is always on display in this watch. Because of that, we can see all the time. If you have an iPhone, this is the best watch to buy. Because an iPhone needs to make the watch work. Several features are added to the clock. Those features are like compass aid navigation and elevation readings. This watch had improved with the software and added the critical overdue feature. In other than that this watch shows a quick response to the messages and calls. Those are some advantages of this Apple watch series 5. There are some disadvantages of this watch too. They are as follows. 

Apple watch series 5

    There are no many characteristics added to this watch. Actually, there are no new health features added to this watch. There is poor battery health too. Approximately the battery of the watch remains for a day and a half of a day. There are limited selections of watch faces, too, in other than that this watch lacks native sleep tracking.

  Do you know the cost of this type of watch? I’ll tell you about that. It costs about $399. Actually, it is the starting price. 

  These above details are about the Apple watch series 5. You can think of your own did this suits you, her, or him. Then we shall move to our next topic. 

It is, 

Samsung galaxy watch

Samsung galaxy watch

  I can certify that this is a watch that can make your life easy. Now we will. See the specifications of this watch now. 

   This is a round-shaped watch. There are some varieties of the watch too. This gives you a ticketing sound too. In this watch, there are many features available. LTE model, Bluetooth 42mm, or 46 mm of body size are some of them. Usually, 42 body sized watches are in midnight black and rose gold color. Then the 46 mm of body size watches are in silver color. This watch has a customizable face too. In other than that you can use a strip to the watch that is according to your choice of you. 


   Like the above watch, you can see the time all the time. You do not need to press any button to see the time. It is always visible. If the watch is not your hand, there is no problem. Because you can easily tap to receive a phone call or to view the messages, this watch is capable of measuring the heart rate of the owner. Not only that, even you can measure some more about your body health. 

This can be used as a device to schedule our sleeping too. Here there are creating logs of the four stages of the sleeping. 

  In other than that, there is a feature of this watch that is displaying up to the next ten-hour schedule. There are a large number of apps supporting this watch. Those apps can be selected favorable to the user. GPS facility is even available in this watch. Through this watch, you can control some external devices such as Television, robot vacuum cleaner, and air conditioners. The charging of the watch can be done with the wireless charging.

 There are different prices for the separate versions if 42 mm and 46 mm. You can buy a 42 mm watch starting price at $329 and 46 mm for a starting price of $349.

   Now you can see the truth of my words. This smartwatch can make your life easier. Now we will see if our next watch even likes that. 

It is, 

Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3

   I think this is even a good conditioned smartwatch. Now we will see about that. 

  The price of the Apple Watch three is starting from the $199. This is a watch that can be used for your health so much. Why am I saying that? Can you image that? It is because you can measure all activities within a day. That is including the time spent on walking, time spent on sitting, and as well as to measure the calories that get burnet. As well as about running, cycling, and swimming.

 You can measure your heart rate too. If there is such an irregular heart rhythm, you can measure it with this watch. If there is such a thing, this smartwatch will give you alerts. And if you have to face an emergency situation, there is an emergency SOS service. You can make calls and send messages through this smartwatch. 

  Then we can move to our next topic. It is about the watch Xiaomi Bip. Then we will see it is this watch also the same as the above watches. See the below. 

Xiaomi Bip

Xiaomi Bip

  I am sure this is also a watch that makes our life easier as well as that this is a watch that is very much suitable for our lives. Now we will see the specifications of this watch now. 

    This is having a surprising battery life. You will be surprised after hearing that. There is an existing battery life for 30 days with normal usage. Then we can keep the battery life for 45 days if there are minimum notifications. This is with a small weight. Therefore it is very comfortable. There is more developed technology included in this watch. GPS, three-axis accelerometer, barometer, and a compass are included in this watch. 

   As in the above watches, you can measure your daily activities like walking, swimming, and cycling. In other than that you can measure the heartbeat too. You can see the messages and calls on the display. You can always view the time, date, weather, sports, and the steps that you had walked on the day. This watch always has on display. This watch has cost about $79.99 USD. There are four color options are here. 

   Now we have reached the end of our topic. I think you have got a lot of knowledge about these watches. Even I think that you have founded the needed details too. 



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