2004 Tsunami disaster


 This is not an enjoyable topic to us, you know. This disaster made losing if many people’s lives. When reading about this topic itself, you will feel emotional even though we all don’t like to remember it. But today I have to recall that. We can see the tsunami and the destruction caused by the tsunami. 

   The disaster

    This is not the only tsunami. It can be known as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. There is another name for it. That is the boxing day tsunami. This had occurred on the 26th of December 2004. That is a deplorable way. Many people have lost their lives while walking, sleeping or travelling. You know this is even an extraordinary day. This is the day after Christmas. Most of the people celebrate Christmas on this day also. 

   But you have to know some other things. It is that Christmas is celebrating many people. Most of the people don’t consider their religion. I think this is one festival that people are celebrating without any differentiation of their faith. Then that is enough. Then we will move forward with our topic. 

  Do you know the centre point or the starting about this Tsunami 2004?? Sometimes you know this because for this year almost went 15 years. You even can remember this disaster. We are living with such a 15 years memory. Then we again go to our question. The answer is the west coast of northern Sumatra and Indonesia. That is the epicentre of this Tsunami. This begins with the earthquake. The earthquake caused by the rupture along the fault between the Burma Plate and the Indian plate. This Tsunami had a depth of 30 meters — the Indian Ocean coastline areas affected by this disaster. The total damage caused by this is US$15 billion. But we can estimate a value for human life. This above is only for the physical properties.

    This Tsunami had grown up about 30 meters in height. That is after the creation of the Underwater seismic activity offshore. There are about 227,898 people lost their lives because of this Tsunami. Those are the people altogether in 14 countries. This is a disastrous natural disaster that caused ever. The most affected countries are Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Not only the ever calamitous natural disaster but also the third-largest catastrophe, and the most prolonged duration of faulting. That had occurred between eight to ten minutes. At that time the earth vibrated 10 millimetres. The earthquake is even known as the Sumatra- Andaman earthquake. 

   Then I like to take you to another side. Based on this natural disaster, there are many creations like films. Not only the movie but also there are many creations in the field of music, literature, and teledramas. Children of tsunami no more tears, tsunami the aftermath, hereafter, the impossible, the wave that shook the world and the Kayal. They are in the film and television. In the literature field, paint the sky with stars, tide and the killing sea. When talking about the music, 12/26 by the Kimya Dawson is one creation. That is about the event and the humanitarian efforts from the perspective of a victim whose family died in a disaster. 

  If you have seen, read or heard those creations, you will be very emotional at that time. Then we will see the destruction caused by this natural disaster. 

The destruction caused by the tsunami and the earthquake

      According to the U. S. Geological Survey, about 227,898 lives had lost. This is the tenth worst earthquake. And even this is the single worst earthquake. The most affected area in Indonesia and most of the Indonesian people lost their lives. According to the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition reported that 

it should be remembered that all such data are subject to error, as data on mission persons especially are not always as good as one might which”. 

 Then, in Myanmar and Thailand even affected by this earthquake very severely. And the relief agencies of the reported one-third of the deaths are of the children. That is because there is about a very high population of children in the affected region. Then after this disaster, the damaged properties have to reconstruct. Annan stated that the reconstruction takes place within five and ten years. Those above are the destruction caused for the people and the features. Even there are damages caused to the economy of the affected countries. 

   Mainly the tourism and the fishing affected by the tsunami. Sea is polluted by waste materials. The waste materials in the land move to the sea with the tsunami. Other than that, the boats and the other fishing equipment damaged due to this. And you know most of the hotels made near the seaside. With the tsunami, these hotels even damaged. The hotel owners have to maintain a high expenditure for the creating. Not only that the construction but the new crew members also have to assign for the hotels. Because most of the crew members have lost their lives, Sri Lanka affected by those two above fields, then not only Sri Lanka, but there are also some other countries facing a crisis. 

  And there is another damage by this Tsunami. It is the poisoning of freshwater supplies. That is severe damage for the aquatic animals and for the users if the water. Then in the coral reef atolls that were overcome by the seawater. Even that is without the freshwater.   

   Other than those disastrous effects, the health sector of the countries even faces destruction. That is a significant threat for the government. Then I told you more details about the tsunami 2004. Then this is the time to see what is the tsunami and what are the factors caused the tsunami. This occurs as a sudden rise of the seabed by several metres. That is even a vertical rise. What happens during the earthquake. With this occurrence, the massive amount of water displaced. This is an upright situation. Even horizontal movements can be affected by the destruction. Through a tsunami, the things that are far also can change. That action is known as the tsunami. The earthquake of 2004 has a magnitude of 8.8. But in 2005, the estimated size is 9.0. 

   I told you more details about the tsunami, earthquake and all others. I know that this incident is not a pleasure for you. As this year we will remember this incident until the end of our lives.


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