15 things you didn’t know about Santa Claus.


    Let’s talk about the one delivering Christmas gifts all around the globe in just 24 hours. Some call him Kris Kringle. Others know him as Saint Nicholas, and of course, he often goes by the name of Santa Claus. We were all very familiar with this figure around Christmas time. But how much do we know about him well? Let’s find out What’s special of this person, shall we? Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Santa Claus,

    1. The origins of Santa Claus

     There are many stories behind the origin of Santa. But the most common one is that he is a Christian bishop who lived in the regions. Now known as Turkey in the fourth century AD under the name of Saint Nicholas. His parents died when he was young and left him a great deal of money. Because he was a kind man and wanted to help. He decided to dedicate his life and money to help those in need. The habit of hanging stockings is also related to Saint Nicholas. Legend has it that he helped a poor man who couldn’t afford to pay the dowry phrase, three daughters, to get married. By dropping a bag of gold down the man’s chimney. Luckily the bag fell into a stocking that was drying by the fire.

    1. The names of Santa Claus

     If you plan on going on a trip around the world during Christmas time. This fact will come in handy. The one you know as Santa Claus has different nicknames around the world. In Belgium and France, he’s called Pere Noel. In Italy Babbo

    Natalie, for the Netherlands, cursed men, for Finland Yolo Pookie. Japanese people know him as Hotei Osho. A god or priest who bears gifts while in Sweden, he has the name of gilt Hampton. Translated as Christmas brownie Hungary, Poland, and Russia or a bit more classic. Telling stories about Mukhlis surviving Nicolay and ded Moroz translated as st. Nicholas and grandfather frost in China. Don chelli Ren Christmas old men are the one who gives gifts while folks in the UK. Wait for father Christmas.

    3. Santa’s house 

    If that trip we mentioned earlier happens to be in a Nordic country. Here in luck, each of them claims to shelter Santa’s residence, and most of

    them have one you can visit in Norway. It said that Santa lives in drobik while Denmark claims. He lives in Greenland in Stockholm, Sweden. The national postal terminal receives children’s letters for Santa. In the town of Mora, there is a theme park named Tom to land a curve on venturi Finland. And it has a history of being known as Santa’s home with its two theme parks, Santa Claus village.  

    Santa Claus Indiana is known for its many themed attractions. Such as Santa’s candy castle and the Lake Rudolph campground.

    1. Norse pull tradition

    They say the night of the 24th of December is the longest in the year to allow sin to deliver gifts to everyone around the world. But where does he crash and relax after such a long and exhausting job? He can go to one of his homes in Europe. He can go back to the North Pole where he lives according to North American tradition in the US and Canada. Because the North Pole lies within Canadian jurisdiction. Santa’s famous saying to the northern region also. The Canadian government gave Santa the automatic right to re-enter Canada. Once he completes his duty. It doesn’t sound that bad to deliver gifts. All night now does it.

    1. What kinds of food do people leave for Santa 

    All good kids leave milk and cookies under the Christmas tree. To make Santa leave some extra gifts. But where did this tradition start?

    Well, there are a lot of combined sources for it. But one is related to the Great Depression, where the parents tried to teach their children to share food with the others during Christmastime. Also, Dutch children started to leave food and drink for Saint Nicholas on his feast day. People around the world leave all sorts of food and drinks for Santa, like rice, porridge with cinnamon, sugar, and Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. While mince pies and Christmas pudding paired with a beer. Sherry is more popular in Britain, Ireland, and Australia.

    You can get some inspiration for what food you can leave for Santa in this article, which features some of the best street foods in the world. I’ll bet you’ll love these.

    1. Why does he wear red and white

     Until 1931 Santa dressed in whatever colors he wanted. Usually blue-green or brown, but in 1931 coca-cola issued a massive ad campaign in which Santa wore comes, red and white colors, and two became so prevalent that Santa never had to worry about what to wear ever again. Pepsi launched a similar campaign in 2004. Attempting to dress Santa in blue and white their brand’s colors. And the red color is everywhere around Christmas, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


    1. Mrs Claus and the end of Santa’s bachelorhood

    Santa was for a long time a bachelor who worked with his elves, reindeer, and gave gifts to the kids on the nice list. That was until 18-49 when James Reese wrote a short story named a Christmas legend. Where a spouse, Mrs Claus, was mentioned for the first time. After that, she began to appear even more under the names of Merry Christmas. Gertrude Carol Leila Martha or Jessica is known for making cookies with elves. Helping her husband with toys and caring for the reindeer. The appearance of Santa also changes over time. It was Coca Cola who introduced him as the rotund, jolly white-haired man. We were all familiar with today before that he was depicted in many ways. Even in some scary and horrible ones.


    1. The 10th reindeer Santa is known for having his sleigh drawn by reindeer

    But do you know how many it all started with a single reindeer? Illustrated in a children’s poem back in 1821. Then in 1823, when the poem a visit from st. Nicholas has published another seven reindeer. And he joined in with the first one the names of the eight reindeer are Dasher dancer, Prancer, vixen comet, Cupid Donner and Blitzen Rudolph. After that, the reindeer and Santa were very friendly.

    1. Santa’s elves we’re all

    Familiar with Santa’s army of little guys with pointy ears who wear red and green clothes and funny hats, also known as elves, but did you know that. At first, there were only six of them. Their names are alabaster snowball bushy, evergreen, peppermint, sticks, and shinny. Up a tree sugarplum, mary and one rose open sleigh. And they were engineers, inventors, cooks craftsmen and Guardians, but there’s another name for them in Nordic European countries.  That is Niecy. They have an appearance similar to that of a garden gnome. The image of Santa surrounded by elves in the workshop. Godey’s ladybug popularized it with a front cover illustration. 

    10. When do people receive gifts

    Well, most people celebrate Christmas on December 25th. That isn’t the only day when people give and receive gifts in wintertime. There’s also st. Nicholas Day, which is celebrated on December 6th in Western Christian countries on December 5th in the Netherlands. And December 9th in eastern Christian countries. People exchange gifts or surprise the children with sweets. While Santa is preparing thoroughly for his night shift on December 24th.When Specializing in gifts, if you’re looking for the perfect one for your loved one. You can check out some ideas by reading this about Santa.

    11. Coca-cola wasn’t the first one

    Yes, coca-cola gave Santa a makeover and helped him stay in people’s minds. As the nice old man with a long white beard who wears a red coat, hat, black belt, and boots. But they weren’t the first ones to use this image in advertising. White Rock beverages were the first soft drink company to utilize Santa back in 1915 to sell mineral water. And then for its ginger ale in 1923 and  1919, Santa Claus was even featured in a cigarette ad for the Turkish friend Murad. The added claim that Murad cigarettes are what the grown-ups choose for Christmas. 

    12. Christmas banning in 1655 Christmas was removed as a national holiday

     By the Puritans in the English Parliament from 1659 when Pioneer settled in New England until 1870. When President Ulysses s grant recognized Christmas as an official American holiday. American citizens could have been penalized. If they celebrated Christmas or anything related to Santa Claus. This isn’t the only case like this in the world. In the Soviet Union, after the Russian Revolution celebrating Christmas was forbidden. However, in the 1930s, Joseph Stalin brought back a blue coat wearing guy, who gave gifts to people on the night of New Year’s. He is known as grandfather frost.

    1. Naughty and nice list

    When we were little, we all hoped we were on Santa’s nice list. So we could get gifts. We wished for, but did you know that this list has its roots in the cultures of Belgium in the Netherlands. The Norse god Odin is Santa’s Germanic precursor. He kept two Ravens with which he would use to keep tabs on who was good or bad since they would sit atop. People’s chimneys and eavesdrop on their conversations.

    Odin also resembles Santa since he sported a white beard and a blue hooded cloak. Kids would leave food for him, and in return, he would leave them treats and candies.

    14.Living as Santa Claus for only 200 years  and Counting Saint

    Nicholas was known as Sinterklaas in a Dutch tradition, .which said he was a bishop who travelled on the night of December 5th from house to house to deliver treats to children. The Name of Santa Claus had first appeared in a story that was published in a New York City newspaper. Back in 1773 which is just a little bit over 200 years ago.you’re still pretty young.

    1. Santa’s sleigh what do Santa

    Claus and the Headless Horseman, The headless horseman, have in common well. You know how Santa delivers the gifts with his reindeer-drawn sleigh. That sleigh is credited to the creator of the Headless Horseman, Washington Irving. Santa’s sleigh made its first appearance in 1819 in Irving’s short stories collection. 

    Now, what do you think of Santa are there any crazy things you’ve heard about him. Or maybe some funny inventions that started with the idea of Christmas? Still here, of course, you are a Luxor, and for that, you deserve a little bonus fact. There’s a Santa Claus University where people learn professionally. Santa Claus skills like poses toy knowledge, beard, styling, and how to avoid a lawsuit. 

    What’s great for those who pursue this Christmasy career.  They can earn up to $100,000 a year. now any guys out there want to be Santa when they grow up. 

    So these are the facts you don’t know about Santa. Saint Nicholas will be in our minds for unlimited years. Thank you for your kind attention, and please don’t forget to comment on our website.


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